Follow your memes

And see where they will lead!

Somebody posted this somewhere on some blog I ran across.

Forever alone — the chair
Forever Alone
(Source: The Good Jokes)

ffffacefaceResearching this oddity led me to the "Forever Alone" page on Know Your Meme. This page confirmed what I had come to suspect, "Forever Alone is an exploitable rage comic character that is used to express loneliness and disappointment with life." It's considered a variation on "Rage Guy," and related to 28 others.

This led me to the MemeBase's Demotivational Posters, such as this one:

There's also This is Photobomb at MemeBase.

I lost additional precious minutes of my life looking through Señor Gif's collection of animated goods. Who can resist d'aawwing at Cutest Bear Attack Ever and Baby Bunny Eating Carrot Finger (warning: very high d'aw factor) and Red Pandas High Five and Cooking with Cats and the electric Bad Hair Day and Deer & Dog Lick Annoyed Kitty? (The kitty didn't look that annoyed to me.)
Who can resist wincing at the painful Tap It, Bro? Or marveling at the incredible Evasion Strategy? There's a nostalgic laugh in The Future of Medical Care, the disturbing suggestion that All Celebrities are the Same People (Person?), and the shocking raw footage from the Manchester Riots 2011: scenes from Whalley Range.

Here's a great Forever Alone riff: Forever Alone on a Dollar Bill One And if there's still any shred of cheer left in you, endure The Forever Alone Meme: A 21-Picture Tour Through Soul-Crushing Loneliness.

That's our meme lesson for the day. You are welcome.