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Stuff has to go somewhere. This is where this stuff is.
Webworks are just stuff which can go on the web, a page of text, an image, a video, maybe even virtual worlds.
Most recent webworks:
Mary, heart pierced
Everybody knew no man could possibly survive.
➜ Best of Spirits - 1 day ago
Three crosses
Dangers of opposing the entrenched dangerous error
➜ Best of Spirits - 1 day ago
Daily Oklahoman headline Morning of Terror
Nineteen-year-old lingering questions
➜ Radical Incline - 1 day ago
Animals 2x2
Riding out the storm? That's nothing, by comparison!
➜ Radical Incline - 1 week ago
Jesus Heals the Blind Man
Suddenly, there was mud on his eyelids.
➜ Best of Spirits - 1 week ago
Truman driving
Just as long as he goes...
➜ Radical Incline - 1 week ago
Young Dan'l Webster
Just a tiny apostrophe short of success.
➜ The Art of - 2 weeks ago
ReaganStuff needs order, so, Mindful Webworks are collected in several thematic albums, such as, funny stories in Short and Tall Tales, social and political noodling in Radical Incline… like that. Some albums are cheerful and clean and busy growing, others are more neglected and a little dusty. But it might all be new to you.
Albums — in no particular order
Short & Tall Tales
Webworks chock full o' chuckles 'n' smiles, irony, pathos, the macabre, that kind of thing.
Love's Lost and Found
Webworks of true love, romance, affection, relationship, and hearts won and lost.
The Art of
Webworks for art's own sake and for fun's.
Best of Spirits
Webworks for lightening the load, lifting the spirits, contemplation, and idle musings.
Webworks for all us children, comics, playground songs, & lullabies.
Nearly 700 scribblings from 1997 and 2012-2014.
Radical Incline
Webworks regarding human liberties and similar social and legal fundamentals.
Head Shop
Webworks — comix mostly — which examine the appeal of indulgences and the consequences of desire. And you don't have to be stoned to enjoy them! (Which is not to say you'll get the joke in any case!)
Transport Future
Webworks about getting people and property from here to there in an automated future.
Webworks directly concerning (as opposed to merely inspired by) The Urantia Book.