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Stuff has to go somewhere. This is where this stuff is.
Webworks are just stuff which can go on the web, a page of text, an image, a video, maybe even virtual worlds.
Most recent webworks:
A Woman on the Ten-Spot
We'll just ignore the ten-buck you-know-what implications.
1 week ago
Sombrero with balls
Is It Pronounced "Heb"?
Para el presidente de la Unión de America del Norte
1 week ago
Donald Trump
Trump-Graham 2016
The winning ticket
1 week ago
Hillary Litella
Hillary Litella
What's all this about some fellow named Ben Ghazi?
3 weeks ago
Madwoman Hillary
Sweet Dreams, Chris Somebody
Toxic Artificial Sweetener
4 weeks ago
Art Dekko by Scott McCloud
Who Does Kerry the Cyclist Look Like?
Boy howdy, is he ready for doody!
4 weeks ago
Nelson Muntz Ha Ha
Ha Ha Hillarity
Bill's passions explained
1 month ago
The Ancient One by Steve Ditko
Transmanic Modern Media
Neither of Billy's Two Fathers Know Best
1 month ago
Wild Bill for America
Ironic Juxtaposition
A comment on the current conflict
1 month ago
Hospital sign
Hillarity's New Logo
Lameness is amply rewarded on the web.
2 months ago