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Wed 2017 Apr 26

Wed 2017 Apr 26, 12:28pm
On PoliNation

PP: …The review would specifically address Obama’s Bear Ears…

Bear ears? Usually we just called him "jug-eared"… the usual abbreviation on Ace of Spades being "JEF."


Viagra rises. Niagra Falls.


Because I don't watch broadcast or cable television, I miss much of the pop culture.

For example, years ago, I had to read some jokester (Dave Barry, maybe) remarking that we're supposed to think of massive flow because "Viagra" rhymes with the falls "Niagra." Until then, I had thought it was called vee-aw'-gruh.

Similarly, years ago, I had some nephews laugh at me because I didn't know how "Verizon" was pronounced. Vair-uh-zon apparently not correct.

Let them laugh at me; I take a bit of pride in my ignorance of popular broadcast brainwashing.

Tue 2017 Apr 25

Tue 2017 Apr 25, 3:18pm
On PoliNation

Can you imagine paying almost half a million dollars to hear, "Uhh.. umm, er, uh, not, um, uh, who we are, er, aahhh, umm, let me, ehrm, ehh, be, um, clear..."?!?

PP: "How can the race of the perpetrator not be relevant to the story? Or the race of the victim for that matter."

Well, of course they're relevant. If Non-Blacks attack Blacks, that is.

If they reported thuggish behavior on the part of blacks, stupid racist white people might think Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, and Col. West were the perps!

/obligatory sarcasm-off tag

Tue 2017 Apr 25, 1:16pm
On Lost Issues

Steve Ditko Capt America? The red hoodlums look Ditko-ish, but Cap... just looks like Cap. Wonder when/where that's from.

Always fun to see the different era-styles you use. Like WW here. Truly old-school.

Fri 2017 Apr 21

Fri 2017 Apr 21, 12:43pm
On PoliNation

It is tragic, whenever, instead of receiving therapy, people are enabled in their body dysmorphia. Because of what he represents, Jenner's case is particularly sad. I had always prayed he would change his mind before self-mutilating.

Have to wonder about the doctors who do this harm to a sick man. The psycho patient is to be pitied; the willing butchers, despised.

Fri 2017 Apr 21, 11:54am
On PoliNation

Guy on local talk radio show this morning was talking about NYT posting this misleading pic. He said the guy who posted it acknowledged that it was his mistake and took total blame. Anyone can make a mistake and he did and said so.

Radio guy was saying the propagation of the #fakenews - at least in this instance - was actually on all the people who re-tweeted the original photo but not the correction (hundreds of retweets versus tens). Functionally tantamount to burying the correction on page B-64.

Fri 2017 Apr 21, 11:48am
On PoliNation

cth: "I’m confused. Do you mean Nance tweeted MY graphic?!"

Sorry if I was confusing.

No, I just meant, no take-backs on the InterWebz. Once it's out there, someone will have captured it before one deletes one's mistake. Streisand Syndrome and all that.


Chrissy, while I'm here, your latest health report several days ago was just wonderful to read, in case I didn't mention it. Milady and I consider your improvement a real answer to prayer. We'll continue to add our 2¢ worth of best for you. :D

Thu 2017 Apr 20

Thu 2017 Apr 20, 3:14pm
On PoliNation

Pete: Always appreciate your news round-up and especially the commentary. Another engaging post! Your reiteration of Hillary's arc was a great reminder, and also most enjoyable reading:
"She,on the other hand was always imperious, abusive, greedy and could never be rich enough."

I think I'll hit that "like" button!*
*Really, I don't usually hit thumbs-up or like buttons anywhere. (Creaky old-man voice: "They didn't have them kinda things back when I first got on the web!") But I think I'll try to learn.

Partly I've never done it because I prefer to leave text replies if anything, and also it seems silly because I'd be liking and thumbing-up just about everything on places like here & Bob's nest!!

If a post gets enough Likes, does Wordpress give you a prize? :D

Thu 2017 Apr 20, 2:51pm
On PoliNation

You know a really funny line in such circumstances?

"Then he deleted it."

* points to tweet on PoliNation *

It's right there!



One of the replies was something like, almost sounds like he's encouraging it.

Gee, y'think?

The regressives' mad bloodthirst is in plain sight nowadays.

Wed 2017 Apr 19

Wed 2017 Apr 19, 7:54pm
On PoliNation

Trump: "I just don't telegraph my moves."

LaughingStock Media headline: "Trump Has No Korea Policy"

Wed 2017 Apr 19, 10:46am
On Lost Issues

>>Batman and Invisible Girl first met back in my MS Paint B&B days.

It's fun to go back and see previous "meet-ups" among the characters.

But I notice that the Bat-dude was helpless in both covers. Maybe someday Bruce & Sue can meet up when he's not inert and helpless?

Ever thought of doing a cover of people who can turn invisible (Sue Storm, Martian Manhunter, wasn't there someone from the Legion of SH, who else?) -- and not actually show any of them on the cover? :D

Tue 2017 Apr 18

Tue 2017 Apr 18, 10:41am
On Ace of Spades

Gooooood Morning, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and all numbers of Spades...

*ponders* Somehow, that didn't sound right. Oh, well.

I would've waved hello sooner, but got caught up on the American Thinker piece on the Doolittle raids. Incredible tale; never gets old. I'd like to ask my Mom what she remembers about that.

Mon 2017 Apr 17

Mon 2017 Apr 17, 10:03pm
On Ace of Spades

Sorry. Didn't think the first one got through.

Mon 2017 Apr 17, 9:56pm
On Ace of Spades

Salutations, commentariat.

Nice post, MH. Even if it had to go back to the shop for repairs.

Does the Russian dating site chick's axe mean she's handy 'round the farm, or, what's the phrase? Bunny boiler? Those eyes...!

Mon 2017 Apr 17, 9:55pm
On Ace of Spades

Salutations, commentariat. Nice post, MH.

Does the Russian dating site chick's axe mean she's handy 'round the farm, or, what's the phrase? Bunny boiler? Those eyes...!

Mon 2017 Apr 17, 11:43am
On Ace of Spades

Wait! Wait! I'm not even a quarter of the way through the last thread!

Only just got up to Stringer Davis's limerick ending with "Vermeereal Disease!" That's a real Muldoon-challenger.

Mon 2017 Apr 17, 11:26am
On Ace of Spades

Quickly, before the next thread arrives:

Goooooood morning, defenders of Reality!

We had a great family Easter supper yesterday

Followed by a night of great Oklahoma Spring thunderstorms. The air is washed clean, but the ditches are full to the brim.

And today looks nice, humidity notwithstanding.

Let's argue theology!

Sun 2017 Apr 16

Sun 2017 Apr 16, 9:30am
On Ace of Spades

Book thread! Book thread!

Alas, no time to read post or comments @now.

Sometimes it takes me all week. Slow reader.

For Easter, though, here's a book, one I usually keep in my at-hand collection, but can't seem to locate @now.

This Fellow Jesus, by Louis Cassels, 1973. Cassels was AP religion reporter. He especially appreciates the "reporter," Luke. Here's a good summation from a review on Amazon:

As an introduction to Jesus, it very quickly enumerates the facts and figures concerning the astounding impact this one man's life has had -- and continues to have -- on the world.


Rainy Easter morning here in NE OK, but it's a light Spring rain which should pass in time for our lunch on Mom's porch.

Hope you find all your decorated eggs.


Sun 2017 Apr 16, 8:52am
On Ace of Spades

I know this is late for Passover, but I wanted to note that Bluebird of Bitterness has had some nice posts for Passover and Easter week. Check out Six13 - Seder Crew video from last Monday.

Sun 2017 Apr 16, 8:48am
On Ace of Spades

Easter Greetings, folks. Getting ready to make the drive to The City for Easter supper with Mom, our daughter, our sons, and a nephew. And Jesus.

He is risen!

[Forgive self-plugola on Easter Sunday, however timely? Nic links to "Jerusalem Report," a slightly steampunk (or something) comic from a few years back, looking at events of Easter week via tv news and social media. Not strictly scriptural, but reverently intended.]

Sat 2017 Apr 15

Sat 2017 Apr 15, 11:21am
On Ace of Spades

I was about to leave a comment in the last thread saying, "here I am! Must be time for the thread to die." But before I could get to it, the thread died. I don't have those Willow skills I guess.

Gooood morning, world of Morons! Jesus loves you!

Paying taxes (or at least filing) is mandatory. Voting is not. Require taxes be paid, or at least filed, at the polling place on election day. This will not only encourage folks to better realize taxes and votes are related, it might get a few folks out to vote who otherwise wouldn't. What could go wrong?

OH, no, wait! I know. You get one vote for every dollar you pay in taxes. What could go wrong?

No, no, I've got it... never mind... I lost it...

* heads back to the coffee pot *