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Sat 2017 Jul 15

Sat 2017 Jul 15, 6:43pm
On PoliNation

Pelosi giggles through question about N Korea

Curiosity forced myself to watch this clip a few times.

It looks like to me that Pelosi was so moved by the topic she'd been discussing (kids & the arts) that she was getting, shall we say, misty-eyed. She's not so much giggling at the question as trying to pretend she's not so moved, choking up a little, even blinking back tears, as she attempts to segue into the unrelated next question.

I can sympathize (somewhat, even for her) with being caught in an emotional "moment." It can be a little weird to be so moved by your own words, but if it's something you're sincerely feeling, it can happen. (I've never done any public speaking, but I can relate - for example, don't get me talking about Jesus!)

Could be she was just emotional. Could be she's drunk or on medication. Could be she's drain bamaged. In any case, it's clear from many recent instances that she's losing it, and I hope someone gently helps her off the public stage soon. For all our sakes.

Sat 2017 Jul 15, 2:58pm
On PoliNation

Two good variants of the 'shopped pic at IOTW Report.

Sat 2017 Jul 15, 2:41pm
On PoliNation

Seems an odd post to make that comment (Lipton's). Random drive-by? Troll-bot?

It is always amusing when certain folks attempt to lecture Christians on how "Christian" they should be. As chrissy's comment suggests, they speak from an ill-informed idea of Christianity. Possibly picked up from the Unitarians. ;)

In that painting chrissy posted, I like the way the various other folks are sprawled and toppled, all leaning away from Jesus in the center. I especially like the guy awkwardly crummpled on his face on the steps.

Honestly, I suspect things didn't go down quite like that. The Gospel accounts vary from one another in details, even the synoptics. All agree the temple courtyard got cleared out, though!

Fri 2017 Jul 14

Fri 2017 Jul 14, 4:22pm
On PoliNation

…aren’t a lot of women who could wear something like that and look beautiful.

Daughter is still in ballet, at age… um… 29. ;)

There are girls in the local school who are more ballerina-lithe, and a few are even better dancers, as good as Daughter is. But Daughter carries it off with obvious genuine enthusiasm, and a great big smile, which to my admittedly artless eye makes the dancer so much more enjoyable to watch than some gal who seems to be grimacing as she strains to recall the moves.

That's how I think of Melania. Poise, posture, and a big smile make an enormous difference.

Grace is contagious?

Fri 2017 Jul 14, 4:06pm
On PoliNation

…failed safety inspections… trash and food debris… stained and dirty carpets, dirty equipment, no lid on a container of used needles, cabinets with drugs and prescription pads inside left unlocked, drug vials left out on the counter, supplies and supply boxes scattered around… and inadequately trained staff.

This is the "safe" part of "safe, legal, and rare," I guess.

And as you know, this is not unusual for these places, yet they can't even be made to hold to normal medical standards because "Wimmenz' Rights."

Fri 2017 Jul 14, 4:01pm
On PoliNation

…[Melania Trump's] dress… also is unusual in its bodice origami-like detailing, which resembles a basket of wheat.

Oh, so, that's what it's supposed to suggest? I thought it looked like someone had stuck a bunch of cut-up paper strips in her belt. I mean, it's not bad, just kinda funny.

But, proves once again, this First Lady can look good in anything! :D

Tue 2017 Jul 11

Tue 2017 Jul 11, 9:30pm
On PoliNation

[Judge] "…46-year-old mother-of-one says that her ‘misuse’ of drugs had no impact on her work life…"

Likely true. She would make the same terrible, addle-pated decisions anyway.

[Shillary Shirt] - Dianny has some great variants on the shirt pic in this post and this one.

(Uh-oh. Will two links put me in moderator limbo?)

Sat 2017 Jul 8

Sat 2017 Jul 8, 6:26pm
On PoliNation

✝ Lord, keep up the improving chrissy project, please; joy! for her progress so far!

(A variation on my basic prayer-mantra: "Help! Thank You! Help! Thank You!" Repeat perpetually.)

I so want to reach into that ID and just pinch those little cheerful cheeks. From now on, this image is how I will visualize you.

Consider using it for your avatar? :D

Sat 2017 Jul 8, 6:05pm
On PoliNation

Didn't click, but did see a headline that The Usual Crowd is bemoaning over what Trump did with his own income. Didn't need to read the article; I know why they rage: "Because, Trump! That's why!"

Let them be as chaff before the wind: and let the angel of the Lord chase them. Let their way be dark and slippery: and let the angel of the Lord persecute them.

Sat 2017 Jul 8, 5:57pm
On PoliNation

Nice speech.

Alas: John Roberts.

I wonder, did he employ this "hope you hurt" philosophy when he threw in with the enemy and told us Obamacare was a tax? :(

Mon 2017 Jul 3

Mon 2017 Jul 3, 5:49pm
On PoliNation

Thanks for another great bunch of links, vids, & comments, Pete.

Remember when the media was merely biased, and not outright flaming enemies of the American people? Anyway, they hid it better. Trump spends ten seconds retweeting a brief, funny video and the propaganda mills spend a week exclaiming their butthurtedness. Meanwhile, he lowers WH costs by tens of millions, praises the military, and says we'll help save a baby from death-happy Europe - and the propaganda mills have nothing to say. Farewell, fakers.

Grampaw sees colors (presumably): very moving. Color is underrated as a sense. My dad was red-green colorblind (not sure the glasses work for that) - and there was a small-town stoplight on the way to the lake that was hung sideways. Dad could never remember whether green was on the left or right. If he didn't catch the yellow, and didn't have anyone on-board to check for him, he would stop, and if cars behind him honked, he knew he had the green.

Legalizing weed: I confess, I've partaken of the herb a few times statute-of-limitations years ago. (Just for research purposes, of course, for my old Head Shop comics.) And, I've been a proponent of repeal of Federal pot prohibition since before I ever partooked. But I'm ag'in' these state "legalizations," whether honestly recreational or alleged "medical," at least, as long as they are violating the (unenforced but still there) Federal laws.

I'd like to see Donny Two-Scoops tell his lawmen to crack down on all the pot, users, growers, and dealers. No faster way to finally get the Vice-Squad Feds out of our pipes and papers. It works well. Oklahoma was (IIRC) the last state to end full booze prohibition, but I'm sure we still have some dry counties. When Oklahoma's DA cracked down on our antiquated and frequently-ignored liquor "club" laws, voters approved liquor-by-the-drink practically right away. Of course, it took decades just to get that far, and we still can't buy wine or full-strength beer at the grocery store (changes may be in store). Likewise, I expect Oklahoma to still be "pot-dry" years after all the adjoining states have gone full recreational legal. But at least it'll be only a state issue. As it ought to be.

(He dismounts from soapbox, but stumbles - Russian judges give it only a "3".)

Mon 2017 Jul 3, 4:34pm
On Weird Universe

*sigh* indeed, crc.

Reading this really tells me how I'm gonna miss these. WeirdUniverse will still be a regular stop for me, but, but...


Sun 2017 Jul 2

Sun 2017 Jul 2, 2:52pm
On PoliNation

“But if he’s going to live here 24/7, he needs to pay up.”

Too late. Donnie Two-Scoops just BOUGHT all their heads and will be charging THEM rent.

Fri 2017 Jun 30

Fri 2017 Jun 30, 12:06am
On PoliNation

BoB: That tweet came from a parody account.

Okay, then. Good. I said it looked dubious, but…!

Speaking of lunatic congresscritters, I was looking at Guam on the googlymaps today, and I realized it sits on the edge of the deepest honking crevice on the planet; if it did tump over, it's a long, long way to the bottom.

BoB: I don’t know where they’re getting their information. The correct number is closer to one in twenty-five.

That's the funny part. By panel 2, I'm still thinking "1 in 3? What?" when they both turn to look at me. :D

Somebody did one of those roving interviews asking people the percentage of homo in society. All were way off, high, of course. Encouraged by the TV shows and flicks these days, where the percentage is around one in three.

I think the true number is less than 0.1%, adjusting for a morally failed society encouraging perverse inclinations and randy experimentations. But it varies greatly from place to place, say, urban San Francisco to rural Dallas.

:roll: :D

Thu 2017 Jun 29

Thu 2017 Jun 29, 5:49pm
On PoliNation

Dog & baby poster: That was LOL funny. I've seen the pix before, but this is the funniest caption. :lol:

As for the Gettysburg protest: as somebody on Ace commented, they'll be meeting old gray-haired men with muskets (which aren't loaded) and bayonets (which are sharp) who sleep on wool blankets on the ground for entertainment. The protesting idiots may get more "fun" than they counted on.

And as for the brain surgeon & the gal with the James Brown hair, let me see if this swipe from the morning report on Ace will work…

Even as dumb as some of these folks have proved themselves to be, it's hard to believe the "climate change" tweet with beach pic was real. Except she missppelledd "inpeach" so it probably is.

Thu 2017 Jun 29, 4:22pm
On PoliNation

His MomJeans were in the wash?

He's finally taking fashion advice from his daughter?

I think maybe I should Levi this topic for others to Wrangler with.

Thu 2017 Jun 22

Thu 2017 Jun 22, 7:29pm
On PoliNation

Re: Ignorance of Pop Culture

Checking out at WallyMall last night, I commented, it's come to this: I don't recognize any of these "celebrities" on the tabloids.

The kid checking us out answered that he didn't, either.

Apparently the target demographic is between his generation and ours.

I did add, now, if it were YouTube celebrities gossip… (he LOL'd)


SciShow Crew Faking Evidence?

Mark Dice Near Breakdown?

Diamond & Silk's Dark Secrets

The Slo-Mo Guys: On the Outs?

Did Crazy Russian Hacker Swing Election?

What Makes this Bluebird so Bitter?


Thu 2017 Jun 22, 6:58pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

I'm doing a lot of driving this week, as we travel to The City for Mom's 97th Birthday party. Already logged 2hrs on the road today. This is a good warning to stay alert!

("The world needs more lerts," as some wag once quoth.)

The auto transport truck:
The driver presumably survived? Lucky, lucky. Looks like a LONG way down!

Egg delivery guy on the phone:
"Yeah, lost some eggs.
Well, several dozen...
several dozen cartons, that is..."

Yellow service truck in concrete:
I especially like the footprints. (Wasn't there something similar you posted not long ago, a bike on a sidewalk?)

The on-ramp to nowhere:
"I was just following my GPS, officer!"

Tumped-over (as we Okies say) load on top of car:
Looks like the load must've been about empty, 'cause that car isn't crushed!

UPS "random delivery" truck:
My car beeps at me when a door isn't closed properly. You'd think UPS trucks would be that smart!

Thanks for the dumb, BoB. As always.

Wed 2017 Jun 21

Wed 2017 Jun 21, 5:42pm
On PoliNation

Another fine report, Pete - thanks.

I don't recognize any of those "celebrities" in the pic up there. Which gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Wed 2017 Jun 21, 5:40pm
On PoliNation

Yes, the problem with Ossoff was that he was too "centrist." That's so true. Move further left, Democrats, keep on shifting to the fringe. Please. Until you're so out there, so disrespected, that the Dem party is reduced to the level of the Greens. (It is still a little disturbing that the Dems still get so much of the vote. Well, Trump has just started. Heh.)

Ace (he of the Spades) called the GA aftermath "Excuseapalooza." It was the weather! Racists (of course)! Woman-haters (whuuut??)! Even (seriously!) Russian Hackers!!!