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Mon 2017 May 29

Mon 2017 May 29, 11:20pm
On PoliNation

Thanks for the post, Pete.

The kneeling horse really got to me. As many things have this day.

Sun 2017 May 28

Sun 2017 May 28, 2:32am
On Ace of Spades

It's always the pet thread.

It's always the gun thread.

God bless teh Horde.

Sun 2017 May 28, 2:26am
On Ace of Spades

Country Boy: And with that, I must call it a night.

Never give up. Never surrender.

Good night, folks.

Sun 2017 May 28, 2:08am
On Ace of Spades

Country Boy: Can you give us an idea of how much past 29 your daughter might be?
'Cause 29 would be nice, but probably too young.

Hah! You age-ist!

Well, that would be telling; ladies' ages and all.

But if you'll haul out your history of America and calculator, she was born the summer after Reagan took office.

Sun 2017 May 28, 1:58am
On Ace of Spades

Tammy al-Thor #475: I am a natural-born matchmaker and I cannot tell you how insane it drives me that these people do not try and contact one another....

Doesn't always work, but don't stop trying. Matchmakers are invaluable. People don't know what they want, or who's right for them, nor how to say yes to a good deal. People will make the worst choices.

Matchmakers are heaven's agents.

Sun 2017 May 28, 1:54am
On Ace of Spades

YankeeFifth: ...the ratio of high quality, top flight, upper crust ettes, to schlubs is far better than we deserve.

That would be anything above a negative number.

** #NOMATH!# **

Sun 2017 May 28, 1:47am
On Ace of Spades

YankeeFifth #467: this thread is considerably slower that yesterdays...

No kidding. I'm actually keeping up with this one.

I have a feeling tomorrow night may be the new memorable Memorial thread.

Sun 2017 May 28, 1:44am
On Ace of Spades

Captain Whitebread #450: on second thought, maybe not. Having doubts lately that I'm even boyfriend material.

Me, too, y' big dumb lug. What a downer-boy.

My daughter knows I've talked her up on here, now and then - she respects the Moron-and-ettes horde a lot, as I do. Maybe I shouldn't be talking about her here, as I do, but...

But I mention this because, she's older, looking for solid, but fed up with the chase, tired of the crazies and the lefties and the jus-wanna-hook-ups. Just because she was serious about holy matrimony doesn't mean her ex-husband was. It's hard out there for serious people.

Sound familiar? I read it all the time here on the blog.

/serious mode off

Hey, think the Cubs can make it two in a row?

Sun 2017 May 28, 1:25am
On Ace of Spades

Speaking of the swirling cesspool of Availables:

Captain Whitebread: ....Go on...

Heh -- Cap'n, I'd've thought you'd seen me mention this before.

Presumably you're not interested in my son.

The daughter is mble 29 (of course), occasional AoS commenter, ballet dancer, Constitutional thinker. Makes great sandwiches. Further resume, deposit 10¢.

Any potential suitor must be willing to accept me as absolute monarch of the family. Like I said, serious drawbacks. *waves back-scratcher imperiously*

Sun 2017 May 28, 1:11am
On Ace of Spades

Is it AoSHQ Memorial Weekend Lonely Hearts and Dating Advice Service? (50th anniversary of its release!)

Because I've still got a daughter and a son* to pawn off on some suckers looking for decent (or, at least, tolerably less crazy) mates in the swirling cesspool of Availables.

*Of course, they each come with a significant drawback: the mindful webworker as father-in-law.

Sun 2017 May 28, 12:53am
On Ace of Spades

* suddenly, a hatch in the floor opens up *

Howdy. Did I miss anything earth-shattering between about comment #100 and #300?

* sidles over to the bar, fixes drink *

* lurks, badly *

Sat 2017 May 27

Sat 2017 May 27, 10:19pm
On Ace of Spades


Less than 50 comments?

I see the commentariat hasn't even warmed up yet.

I've still gotta check the post a bit closer.

Have a nevening y'all.

Sat 2017 May 27, 6:21pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

bob - this post is one of your masterpieces.

*insert applause & laughter audio*

I linked to you on the Ace of Spades Saturday pet thread. Again.

Sat 2017 May 27, 6:20pm
On Ace of Spades

#Kitteh Gifts

Milady and I, and Dog, spent Thursday night down at my Mom's, and Daughter took care of the felines.

Next morning, she texted me: "Saw all kittehs but Spark. He may be sleeping off his mouse from last night!"

She reported that the previous night Spark had been observed having much sport with the carcass.

As usual, it was Spark's sister Spirit who had caught it. #Guycat Privilege

Spirit ditched the kill to go hit some fresh kibble Daughter brought out. Go figure.

Daughter wondered if kibble was some kind of kitteh crack. (I think Spirit is just watching her svelte summer weight.)

#Rural Life

Daughter hung out awhile on the porch, and chased off (sort of) a sneaky raccoon raiding the kibble.

* slow reader goes back to reading comments *

Sat 2017 May 27, 5:54pm
On Ace of Spades

#Rural Life

Several days ago, I was talking with the neighbor at the shed. We share a large yard. His daughter and granddaughter were zipping around the acreage on their zero-turns while he criticized their technique. Heh.

Granddaughter zips up, hops off the mower, goes to the truck, and comes back with a nice little pistol, zips away again.

As she goes off, the neighbor brags how all his kids and grandkids have their licenses.

Thanks to my extensive knowledge of hoplophilia, derived almost entirely from reading this blog, I said to him, "and I bet they all keep up on their practice, too."

He assured me, yes, indeed.

Then six shots rang out from north of our house. When I got over there, the ladies had a rake, and were holding up a snake, with three gaping holes, still hissing and trying to strike. The grand-daughter was pretty proud that she'd hit him three out of six, and it was amazing he was still wiggling with those holes blown in him. He wouldn't last long.

First time we've ever found a water moccasin that close to the house. All the rain temporarily made EPA-controllable wetlands out of the place, so I hope this will remain a rare, if not unique, instance.

Okay, not a pet. Um... Um... our cats were inside (as usual during mowing) so none of them were harmed.

Sat 2017 May 27, 5:31pm
On Ace of Spades


Skip #1: Happy Caturday everyone

Okay, didn't get far in the comments yet, obviously.

This reminded me to go check for her Caturday post. The theme this week is Feline Summer Recreation program. Really funny collection.

Sat 2017 May 27, 5:26pm
On Ace of Spades

#Great pet pix, as always.

The pooches sure demonstrate the variety of canines. They may all be the same species, but hardly the same family - appearances and behaviors.

Just one example: dogs who love the water v dogs like our guy who detests it.

Those collies are just beautiful (or handsome, as per zheir gender preferences). Excellent critters - for someone else. We wouldn't want a purebred, really - give me a good mutt any day - nor a long-hair out here in rural Okla.

We had a found-us Australian Shepherd with a thick, tight coat, perfect for Alaska, not so much Oklahoma. (Miss ya, Foggy Doggie!) Had to keep him clipped for at least 3/4 of the year. Since he was blind in one eye and didn't like to be approached on that side, shaving him could be a real task, and might occasionally involve sedation.

Our current German Shepherd-whatever mix (who also found us) is a short-hair, utterly mellow temperament, relatively easy to care for; perfect for us. We'd be mighty lucky to get another pooch as smart and devoted as our old guy.

Now to read comments.

Sat 2017 May 27, 4:59pm
On Ace of Spades

7 adorable animals - the turkey hug video - on YouTube, four thumbs-down.

Who in everlovin' heck would down-vote a hugging turkey video? Maybe it was some friends of the dog.

Howdy, Animal Morons. Our report: all five cats and the dog continue to live in relative health, although the dog is showing signs of not being a puppy anymore.

Fri 2017 May 26

Fri 2017 May 26, 11:01pm
On Ace of Spades

Ah, my burger's here.

L8r y'all. Have a weekend.

What iron grampa said.

Fri 2017 May 26, 10:53pm
On Ace of Spades

Tammy al-Thor: Miley and Insomniac's Most Excellent Adventure.

This is the one where they're visited by an Ewok in a time machine, right?