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Fri 2017 Aug 11

Fri 2017 Aug 11, 4:44pm
On PoliNation

I do believe the "tweet" at is fake (I couldn't find it in Trumps twitter account), but it's funny.

From Weird Dave (an Ace of Spades regular)
Trump Superchicken - not much action, but a good one-note joke

Tue 2017 Aug 8

Tue 2017 Aug 8, 3:19pm
On Patriot Retorts


Heh-- blank

Regular reader, rare commenter - keep on keepin' on, Di!

BTW, tech note: maybe it's just me, but on PatriotRetort, links inside blockquotes are the same color as the background. I have to highlight the link to see what it says.

Sun 2017 Aug 6

Sun 2017 Aug 6, 2:43pm
On PoliNation

Al is wrong (again)

This headline is #FakeNews misleading propaganda!

It leaves open for inference that Al was ever not wrong.

It ought to be,

Al is wrong (still)!


Tue 2017 Aug 1

Tue 2017 Aug 1, 4:01pm
On PoliNation

Bluebird, Ting, Pete, chrissy, you are the best folks.

Grandson born 11:30pm CDST last day of July. Mom & baby doing well.

Exploding candy cigars for everybody!

You know, ultrasounds take all the fun out of the Big Reveal at birth. "It's a boy!" "Yeah, we already knew that!" Our firstborn never had an ultrasound. With the twins, we saw there were two, but we didn't know two what until they were born.

Realized today, we're going to have to toddler-proof our house before long. Better get started now!

Mon 2017 Jul 31

Mon 2017 Jul 31, 10:13am
On PoliNation

Hope y’all will excuse an off-topic comment.

My daughter-in-law is, right now, being induced (or do we say the baby is being induced?). This is my son and DiL’s first, and will be (God willing) the first living grandchild for Milady and me. Those of you who do that prayer thing, welcome to send some for the baby, mom, and even dad.

Fri 2017 Jul 28

Fri 2017 Jul 28, 3:48pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

I got stuck on the first one, pondering…

…which came first, the phillips head screw or the phillips head screwdriver?

That stuff’ll drive you crazy!

Thanks for the laughs, BoB.

Tue 2017 Jul 25

Tue 2017 Jul 25, 5:18pm
On PoliNation

Didn't catch the beginning of Trump's speech to the Boy Scouts, but I caught a good portion of it, live.

Parents, Boy Scout members, and scoutmasters were equally livid about the event.

Yeah. Sure. Those whiners quoted above are welcome to their - undoubtedly extreme-minority - opinions. 39,900 Scouts might not agree.

I'll admit, I also thought that he kind-of wandered into politics too deeply. (Well, he did have 45 minutes to fill!) Nothing wrong with the MAGA part, but recalling election night and deriding Hillary and Obama seemed out of place. (Except for mentioning Obama never coming to the Jamborees - who could resist that zinger!) But he brought it all back to America's appreciation of Scouts, and the importance of Scouting values. It was, as Rush said this morning, The Donald being The Donald.

If Obama had attended, I'm sure his speech would have been clean, articulate, with nice pants creases, and absolutely nothing political.

The Scouts seemed to appreciate all of it, and Trump was reveling in it, always amusing to see.

Hey, the pic from Weasel Zippers didn't show up. They don't let you hot-link. You've got to download a pic to your computer and upload it to WordPress, or something (don't ask me how, I don't have a WP blog). I looked for vid of the Dems booing the Scouts in 2000, but I couldn't find any.

Mon 2017 Jul 24

Mon 2017 Jul 24, 5:33pm
On PoliNation

Pete: They’re making a big deal out of the fact he’s pro abortion,anti gun and pro illegal immigration.

I read, somewhere, Scaramucci was supposed to have said he has "evolved" on certain issues. Uh-huh. We'll see. Heard a bit of him with Hannity today, and it seems t'me that Scaramucci, like Trump, would be uninterested in what the FakeNewsies might make of his old tweets.

As Milady, looking at the post over my shoulder, just said, he seems like the kind of guy Trump needs. No nonsense. And he seems to be a real Trump man. Stop-a yer leaking, people, or we' gonna break some thumbs! I think he said something like that.

Mon 2017 Jul 24, 5:12pm
On PoliNation

Biology a "right wing pseudo science."

I know, right? I mean, it's like that weird cult of people who "reason."

Never heard of this Zac Petkanas, but he sounds like a real winner.

Maybe "senior adviser" is like how they say, "having a senior moment"?

Sun 2017 Jul 23

Sun 2017 Jul 23, 7:24pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Bluebird is still gone? I don't think I can handle the withdrawals. How 'bout you? Here's some "while the bluebird's away" tide-me-overs.

Posted as links - I hope this means this comment won't get spam-filed.

Friday Dance (warning: partial nudity) :)

Caturday funny with bonus dancing (obnoxious but mercifully short music track)

Some not-so-beautiful music for a Sunday morning (warning: my work)

Heck, this stuff is easy.

Orrr... maybe Bluebird just makes it seem easy. :D

Sat 2017 Jul 22

Sat 2017 Jul 22, 2:18pm
On PoliNation

It's 100℉-plus here. Too hot to think clearly.

Almost like it was mid-July in Oklahoma or something.

(Few things will get me fondly recalling my days Up North, but this would be a nice time to take a drive to Door County - and listen to the locals gripe about the 76℉ heat!)


It's just kinda funny that merely seeing Clayton and Jay in a commercial can make me all happy, and not a little nostalgic of course. Moore always played it straight! I liked the way the Ranger waved off the snacks, but Tonto starts stuffing his pouch with them (Tonto always complained that the Ranger never thought about where the next meal was coming from. "Silver bullets don't grow on trees, kimo sabe!")

Were any other folks in that commercial celebs I was supposed to recognize? I didn't.

New slogans for the Democrats? "We're not the other guys" wasn't good enough?

How about, "We'll say we'll do what Trump is already doing because that's what you want, but we can't admit it!"

Too wordy? Howzabout,

"Vote for the Swamp"

Sat 2017 Jul 15

Sat 2017 Jul 15, 6:43pm
On PoliNation

Pelosi giggles through question about N Korea

Curiosity forced myself to watch this clip a few times.

It looks like to me that Pelosi was so moved by the topic she'd been discussing (kids & the arts) that she was getting, shall we say, misty-eyed. She's not so much giggling at the question as trying to pretend she's not so moved, choking up a little, even blinking back tears, as she attempts to segue into the unrelated next question.

I can sympathize (somewhat, even for her) with being caught in an emotional "moment." It can be a little weird to be so moved by your own words, but if it's something you're sincerely feeling, it can happen. (I've never done any public speaking, but I can relate - for example, don't get me talking about Jesus!)

Could be she was just emotional. Could be she's drunk or on medication. Could be she's drain bamaged. In any case, it's clear from many recent instances that she's losing it, and I hope someone gently helps her off the public stage soon. For all our sakes.

Sat 2017 Jul 15, 2:58pm
On PoliNation

Two good variants of the 'shopped pic at IOTW Report.

Sat 2017 Jul 15, 2:41pm
On PoliNation

Seems an odd post to make that comment (Lipton's). Random drive-by? Troll-bot?

It is always amusing when certain folks attempt to lecture Christians on how "Christian" they should be. As chrissy's comment suggests, they speak from an ill-informed idea of Christianity. Possibly picked up from the Unitarians. ;)

In that painting chrissy posted, I like the way the various other folks are sprawled and toppled, all leaning away from Jesus in the center. I especially like the guy awkwardly crummpled on his face on the steps.

Honestly, I suspect things didn't go down quite like that. The Gospel accounts vary from one another in details, even the synoptics. All agree the temple courtyard got cleared out, though!

Fri 2017 Jul 14

Fri 2017 Jul 14, 4:22pm
On PoliNation

…aren’t a lot of women who could wear something like that and look beautiful.

Daughter is still in ballet, at age… um… 29. ;)

There are girls in the local school who are more ballerina-lithe, and a few are even better dancers, as good as Daughter is. But Daughter carries it off with obvious genuine enthusiasm, and a great big smile, which to my admittedly artless eye makes the dancer so much more enjoyable to watch than some gal who seems to be grimacing as she strains to recall the moves.

That's how I think of Melania. Poise, posture, and a big smile make an enormous difference.

Grace is contagious?

Fri 2017 Jul 14, 4:06pm
On PoliNation

…failed safety inspections… trash and food debris… stained and dirty carpets, dirty equipment, no lid on a container of used needles, cabinets with drugs and prescription pads inside left unlocked, drug vials left out on the counter, supplies and supply boxes scattered around… and inadequately trained staff.

This is the "safe" part of "safe, legal, and rare," I guess.

And as you know, this is not unusual for these places, yet they can't even be made to hold to normal medical standards because "Wimmenz' Rights."

Fri 2017 Jul 14, 4:01pm
On PoliNation

…[Melania Trump's] dress… also is unusual in its bodice origami-like detailing, which resembles a basket of wheat.

Oh, so, that's what it's supposed to suggest? I thought it looked like someone had stuck a bunch of cut-up paper strips in her belt. I mean, it's not bad, just kinda funny.

But, proves once again, this First Lady can look good in anything! :D

Tue 2017 Jul 11

Tue 2017 Jul 11, 9:30pm
On PoliNation

[Judge] "…46-year-old mother-of-one says that her ‘misuse’ of drugs had no impact on her work life…"

Likely true. She would make the same terrible, addle-pated decisions anyway.

[Shillary Shirt] - Dianny has some great variants on the shirt pic in this post and this one.

(Uh-oh. Will two links put me in moderator limbo?)

Sat 2017 Jul 8

Sat 2017 Jul 8, 6:26pm
On PoliNation

✝ Lord, keep up the improving chrissy project, please; joy! for her progress so far!

(A variation on my basic prayer-mantra: "Help! Thank You! Help! Thank You!" Repeat perpetually.)

I so want to reach into that ID and just pinch those little cheerful cheeks. From now on, this image is how I will visualize you.

Consider using it for your avatar? :D

Sat 2017 Jul 8, 6:05pm
On PoliNation

Didn't click, but did see a headline that The Usual Crowd is bemoaning over what Trump did with his own income. Didn't need to read the article; I know why they rage: "Because, Trump! That's why!"

Let them be as chaff before the wind: and let the angel of the Lord chase them. Let their way be dark and slippery: and let the angel of the Lord persecute them.