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Tue 2017 Oct 17

Tue 2017 Oct 17, 3:08pm
On Patriot Retorts

GIT– with football balloon. Great pic.

Now to go read all those words underneath…

Mon 2017 Oct 16

Mon 2017 Oct 16, 1:10am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Two termites. Two ticks. Two mosquitoes. Two chiggers.

But no unicorns.

I've had a very difficult time believing the legend of Noah.

Sat 2017 Oct 14

Sat 2017 Oct 14, 3:09pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Another hilarious Caturday collection, BoB.

Would your teacher believe you if your excuse was, "The cat ate my thesis"?

I presume that "We tried to kill mommy's friend" has something to do with running underfoot at the top of the stairs, or the like. (Voice of experience.)

Sat 2017 Oct 14, 12:54pm
On Lost Issues

Circus Freaks! :)

Here's a thought (always dangerous in my case): Have you ever used any of the characters from that Marvel-DC blendered universe, Amalgam or whatever it was? I guess you'd have to team them up with not-Marvel-or-DC characters. As I said, dangerous to let me think.

Wed 2017 Oct 11

Wed 2017 Oct 11, 7:57pm
On PoliNation


You know what I noticed in the pic of the late-night hosts? The diversity! There's a white guy with a beard, and a white guy with glasses, a hefty white guy, a meth user white guy, and a pretty white boy. No wonder they're so beloved of the Inclusiveness Cult and fellow regressives.


Wed 2017 Oct 11, 7:47pm
On PoliNation

…trying to get well-known actresses to give him rubdowns in the nude or trying to get a pass from grabbing the breasts of models…

Now we know who Trump meant, in that locker room conversation years ago, talking about grabby powerful men.

How could this happen to such a ruggedly handsome and debonair fellow as Harvey?


Speaking of perverts, that photoshop of Obama groping the Bergdahls is classic — because, you know, with President Bathhouse, it might've happened. Ex-President in rear-view mirror keeps getting smaller; amen!

Wed 2017 Oct 11, 7:20pm
On PoliNation

Trump rolls back Obama health insurance regulations

Trump upends Obama's 'Most Important Climate Regulation'

Trump to Declare Iran Noncompliant With Nuclear Deal Obligations

Slam! Bam! Blam! Just all in a day's work for the deal-maker.

Mon 2017 Oct 9

Mon 2017 Oct 9, 7:31pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

The whole reason Columbus kept getting refused a sponsor was because informed sailors and others could tell Chris didn't really have the girth of the planet right. He had to find someone who didn't know the science.

His crew was near mutiny when they stumbled across the Western Hemisphere. Which was fortunate. If they hadn't hit land, they would've all died from starvation. They certainly could never have made India.

CC lived and died never really knowing he'd made the most fortuitous journey in history.

Sorry about the cultural conflict thing, a historic tragedy. However, every AmerIndian with a house, flush toilet, tv, cell, and car can thank Columbus today.

And if it hadn't been for Columbus's ignorance, we would not today have the amusement of differentiating "dot or feather?"

Fri 2017 Oct 6

Fri 2017 Oct 6, 1:48am
On Lost Issues

I'm waiting to read the whole comic on the office big screen when I can take my time to give your stories their due attention. BUT...

I just spent some time scrolling around an enlarged view of the front cover. It is great. Every set-up! The one I really want to see is "Westchester." I don't know what's going on in that panel, but the pairings are so evocative, all the different teams and ages those characters represent. A good example of how your cross-company pairings resonate.

Hats off to you, for all the issues, present, past, and, we all hope, a long, fruitful future. You've put your ideas, including kind-of raggedy old ones, out there in the Web, and we're grateful you have.

I think I saw something about a King Kong / Planet of the Apes crossover comic. I thought, does Ross get a cut from that?

Fri 2017 Oct 6, 12:39am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

I hit the "like" button… but if there was a "not sure if I like it but thumbs up for weirdness" button, I would've hit that instead.


Another great find, Bird.

Thu 2017 Oct 5

Thu 2017 Oct 5, 12:47pm
On PoliNation

When that flap-eared dog-eater usurped the Oval Office, I could never listen to him. The push-to-turn-off button on the car radio was hit so hard, the radio is now loose on the left side.

I have yet to encounter a Trump vocalization that came anywhere near causing that reaction. I often actually like and admire what he says. I think I nodded off on one of his taxes or economy talks, but only briefly. He says the right things, in the right ways, treats every person he meets in a convivial fashion, and seems honest.

After almost thirty years of not being able to listen to a President or think very highly of him, I wonder, is Trump really all that different… or I'm just losing it in my dotage.


Thu 2017 Oct 5, 12:40pm
On PoliNation

Gaahhhhh! Good to see that Nancy hasn't fallen for all those botox and facelift dodges to aging. I guess.

Dianny's "Jackboots Made for Walking" poster:

Wed 2017 Oct 4

Wed 2017 Oct 4, 9:40pm
On Patriot Retorts

Mmm. Now I want apples and peanut butter!

-channeling Homer Simpson

Wed 2017 Oct 4, 1:27pm
On PoliNation

Another great round-up, Pete. Thanks as always.

Barnicle said Tuesday that Donald Trump “exhausts” him…

How interesting. Strange to relate, I am not tired of #winning yet. Indeed, reading of Barnicle's exhaustion practically makes me chortle and rub my hands together in fiendish glee.

Thanks especially, Pete, for the Tel Aviv city hall pic.

Tue 2017 Oct 3

Tue 2017 Oct 3, 4:00pm
On Lost Issues

Oboy oboy oboy, was there ever such anticipation of the next issue? Wow-in advance.

Hope you're pacing yourself. Wouldn't want you to suffer blogger burnout before you reach, oh, #5000 (and beyyyooooond).

RIP Landau. Never watched 1999, but I watched a lot of Mission Impossible.

Mon 2017 Oct 2

Mon 2017 Oct 2, 4:00pm
On Political Hat

Glad to know you're okay, Hat. Saw the Gang of Morons was asking about you almost right away.

God help comfort and sustain all the wounded and the grieving.

Mon 2017 Oct 2, 3:13pm
On PoliNation

What Trump sent / What Hillary sent

Heh. At Stilton's place, great list of the aid sent.

Mon 2017 Oct 2, 2:58pm
On PoliNation

You might want to edit "Geary opened fired on the 34th floor" up top. Wasn't Geary.

Also was the 32nd floor, not that that matters.

Sun 2017 Oct 1

Sun 2017 Oct 1, 4:48pm
On Patriot Retorts

The news media keeps making the same mistakes over and over again when it comes to President Trump.

The phrase that comes to my mind is, "preparing to fight the last war." The LaughingStock Media, indeed the entire increasingly-unhinged Commie bloc, are completely incapable of comprehending the breadth, much less the depth, of Trump's support, nor can they wrap their minds around his honey badger don't-care confidence.

Elmer Fuddy Duddy Media vs President Bugs Bunny

Sat 2017 Sep 30

Sat 2017 Sep 30, 2:39pm
On Patriot Retorts

Whoa. Somebody's Grape-Nuts got soggy this morning.

What's amazing to me is how we (collective USA+) have been slammed with three, count them, three major weather disasters in a row, with poor little sea-level island Puerto Rico catching the worst of it, yet in each case we have seen all agencies, federal and private, moving in as soon as possible, and helping recover and rebuild. Long road ahead in all cases, but, a good start.

The whole "Trump isn't acting fast enough" meme is just as #fakenews as the rest. They couldn't really play it in Houston or Florida, but are trying to because of how totally PR got brutalized.

When you have to start by building an airport from scratch, and making roads where there just aren't any anymore, you know you've got Brobdignagian logistics, and more people, and more money, can at first be like assigning five guys to a shovel - doesn't help.

I will be extremely interested to see what the new Puerto Rico will be after this. Still a socialist state, 3/4ths on welfare, and a net loss to the USA of tens of billions a year, or, say, a better deal, Trump builds a golf course and hotel there to help the tourist economy and provide jobs and make Puerto Rico great. :D