Who in heaven is Don L. Tyler?


Just in case you might be wondering about the mind behind Mindful…

I'm Don Tyler, cartoonist, songsmith, experimenter in audio, video, animation, a little computer programming, interested in MIDI and Virtual Reality. Now and then I've also been known to produce some text pieces (old-fashioned words that just sit there without any pictures or motion or even hypertext links). Some of these things I've been doing for most of my 43 59 years, some I'm still just learning. A lot has been was set on back burners while raising our kids. You'll find some samples of my nonsense here on this site. What you see is sure not all I've got. Now that you've found your way here, come back regularly and watch this space grow and change. Please, drop me a line at mindfulguy@mindfulwebworks.com with suggestions, criticisms, witticisms… anything but advertisements.

—Don Tyler, Professional Crackpot, 1996 April 5
1996 Jul 28 -revised
2007 Mar 26 -adjusted email addresses for new website
2011 Mar 13 -revised and translated to CMS
Why the name "Mindful Webworks"?

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