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Apostle Matthew
Final Fate of Apostle Matthew

Final resting place of Matthew discovered - or not. Comparing recent discovery with what the Urantia Papers say about the death of the Apostle.

Text added to Urantiana on 2016 Jul 3 Matthew (Apostle), Urantia Papers
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Enrico Fermi
Fermi's Paradox and the UB

Is there other Intelligent Life "out there"? If not, why not? If so, will we ever contact them? Comparison of some ideas, science-fiction notions, and what The Urantia Book says.

Text added to Urantiana on 2015 Dec 14 Urantia Papers, Isaac Asimov, Star Trek, extraterrestrial
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Hillary Alien
Hillary, Mo, and the UB

Politics may not be the best promotion for the revelation.

Text added to Urantiana on 2015 Dec 7 Urantia Papers, Urantia Moovement, Hillary Clinton
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Angry Jesus
Was Jesus Angry?

Did he overthrow tables and whip merchants? The gospels, my own perspective growing up, and the Urantia Papers.

Text added to Urantiana on 2014 Mar 3 Jesus, anger, self-control, wisdom, leadership
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Tila Tequla
Urantiana in the News

The thoughful, the addlepated, and the duplicitous - how some people who claim to be religious behave, and how the mocking mass media looks at religion in general, will invariably involve followers of the revelation — while it just sits there, a fixed string of words.

Text added to Urantiana on 2014 Jan 13 Urantia Papers, LaughingStock Media, cultism
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The Constantly Morphing Human Family Tree

Blind men had better luck describing the elephant - where the Urantia Papers meet anthropology.

Text, Photo by Others added to Urantiana on 2014 Jan 2 anthropology, Urantia Papers, Adam & Eve
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Galaxies expanding in space
A Talk About Time

Where it came from and where it's taking us. Chris Tyler gives a presentation on Time at the Urantia Book Fellowships Youth & Young Adult conference at 533 Diversey, Chicago, in 2012.

Video by Others added to Urantiana on 2013 Nov 24 time-space
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Agaricocrinus americanus Carboniferous Indiana
Geologic Time Scales

Significant differences in the Urantia Papers and Current Science? What I turned up.

Text added to Urantiana on 2013 Oct 12 Urantia Papers, earth
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Jesus cartoon
Animating Jesus

The scenery is nice.

Text, Video by Others added to Urantiana on 2013 Jul 15 Jesus, Urantia Papers, animation
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Archicebus achilles
Humanity's Lemur-Like Asian Ancestry

Anthropology moves a little toward the revelation.

Text added to Urantiana on 2013 Jun 21 anthropology, Urantia Papers
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vid tn
Project Blue Book (Video 2012 Dec 25)

It's not about UFOs. It's about your revelation.

Verse, Video added to Urantiana on 2012 Dec 25 Urantia Papers, revelation, spirituality, shelf-consciousness
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circles, enhanced
Scientific evidence of space respiration?
Goodbye Big Bang Theory?
Text added to Urantiana on 2012 Jun 16 space respiration, cosmology, Urantia Papers
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Philip (artist's rendering)
Tomb of St. Philip the Apostle discovered in Turkey

A mighty man in the kingdom, winning souls wherever he went.

Text by Others added to Urantiana on 2011 Sep 12 Apostle Philip, history, archeology
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Amanita Muscaria
What is meat for one

What's yawn-inducing or a head-scratcher to one person will be the Big Enlightenment to somebody else.

Text added to Urantiana on 2011 Aug 24 Urantia, UB Study, perspective
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Holy family
Joseph and Mary and the Lonely Birth Narrative
It was a little different than the average Christmas lawn display
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sinking ship
Acting as if failure is not an option, anyway

With God all things are not necessarily going to happen, but are possible.

Text added to Urantiana on 2011 Aug 19 Urantia, Tom's Compares, success and achievement, trial and error, fail
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broken links
Urantia Foundation Broke the Links to Their Online Urantia Book

One of the first rules about the world of hypertext: YOU DON'T CHANGE THE LINKS!

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Early American Stone Tool
First People in the Americas

The timeline gets pushed back again... still a pretty big gap.

Text added to Urantiana on 2011 Mar 28 AmerIndian, anthropology, human migration
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Stairway to heaven
On Judgment in the Hereafter

The theological effects of the concept

Text added to Urantiana on 1999 Jul 9 Urantia, judgment, resurrection, afterlife, survival, faith, spirituality
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Adam by Durer
Adam's Life After Default

A summary derived from Urantia Paper 75, sections 4-8,^ and Paper 76.^

Text added to Urantiana on 1999 Mar 19 Urantia, Adam & Eve, Eden, spirituality
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