Adam's Life After Default

A summary derived from Urantia Paper 75, sections 4-8, and Paper 76.

Adam's Reactions


Adam hears of Eve's error. Both Adam and Eve are "reproved...for disobedience," and told that "they had disobeyed" and "they had defaulted." They are advised by Solonia, heed some of this angel's advice, disregard some.

Adam is "heartbroken and dejected," and for Eve has "only pity and sympathy."


Unable to bear the idea of continuing without his mate, Adam intentionally seeks out Laotta and "with premeditation committed the folly of Eve."


Then Adam "wandered in solitude" for thirty days. "Not in fifty years" did Adam's older children recover from the shock of the default, and "especially" Adam's thirty days away. The pregnant Eve is in "complete ignorance of his whereabouts or fate" and "never" fully recovered from his month's absence.


Adam returns and with Eve begins to plan for the future. (Eve "experienced a satisfaction of joy and gratitude that never was effaced by their long and difficult life partnership of toiling service.")

After the Garden


Bereft of supermortal advice or assistance, under siege from the Nodites, Adam confers with followers and they decide to leave the garden, going east.


Three days out, two thirds of those Adamic children over the age of twenty choose to leave the planet.

Adam and Eve have it confirmed that they are in default (although not considered in rebellion), and consequently are mortal.

The journey to the new garden takes a year. While on the road Eve gives birth to Cain, son of Cano, and Laotta gives birth to Adam's daughter Sansa. Laotta dies in childbirth. Eve suffered in childbirth but survived. Eve nurses and rears Sansa.

Second Garden


The existing occupants fled the Tigris-Euphrates lands. Adam's company arrive and begin fortifying their new home.

Abel, the first post-default child of Adam and Eve, is born.

Religion Degrades

Adam, "burdened" and "depressed spiritually," delegates authority. The religion of Adam's company is already degrading — animal sacrifice is no longer discouraged (which plays a part in Cain and Abel's quarrels).

More Tragedy

Cain, twenty, slays his eighteen-year-old half-brother Abel. Cain is encouraged to leave the new garden. He later becomes instrumental in re-establishing and keeping peace with the Nodites.

Mortal Life

Adam spends most of his time training his children, which paves the way for a smoother transition upon his eventual demise. Their life is hard. The new garden had to be started from scratch. Adam and Eve are even reduced to sometimes eating meat.

Adam's Seed

With Eve as "the head of a commission...on race improvement," Adam impregnates one thousand six hundred eighty-two non-Adamic, mostly Nodite, women. All but 112 of these children survive to adulthood, reared in their mothers' tribes. Mixed-race conceptions cause difficulties in childbirth. Laotta died giving birth to Adam's daughter. Although there is no mention how many of these nearly seventeen hundred women were condemned to death for conceiving by Adam, presumably many were. And Adam and Eve must have recognized in advance that these mothers were human sacrifices for the mission of racial uplift. Harsh.

Fate of Adam and Eve

Adam's Death

Adam and Eve received Thought Adjusters soon after their degradation to mortality. They were comforted by a cryptic message from their universe sovereign Michael, from which Adam inferred that the Paradise Son might bestow himself upon this poor world. They were reassured in the hope of resurrection.

Eve died "of a weakened heart" after five hundred eleven years on Urantia. Adam died "of what might be termed old age" after five hundred thirty years. They were buried in the center of the temple of divine service.

This ended four hundred seventy thousand years of continuous existence of a material representative of superhuman government on our world.


Three days after Adam's death, by order of Lanaforge, Adam and Eve were repersonalized in a special dispensational resurrection. They progressed through Jerusem citizenship and returned to Edenic residency, but now as ascendant citizens. They are currently on the Urantia advisory board of twenty-four.