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Jesus crucified
Best of Spirits

Who offered Jesus what when to drink as he was on the cross.

Text added on 2020 Mar 22
Subjects: Urantia Papers, Jesus, crucifixion, Roman
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Apostle Matthew

Final resting place of Matthew discovered - or not. Comparing recent discovery with what the Urantia Papers say about the death of the Apostle.

Text added on 2016 Jul 3
Subjects: Matthew (Apostle), Urantia Papers
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Extra-curricular studies, for appropriate audiences. (Urantia Papers) - YMMV

Parable of the Lost Son

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Subjects: scripture, Urantia Papers

Well, since there's a new thread up, and over 300 comments on this one, here's my semi-off-topic treatise of the week.

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Subjects: Lucifer, series, Urantia Papers
Enrico Fermi

Is there other Intelligent Life "out there"? If not, why not? If so, will we ever contact them? Comparison of some ideas, science-fiction notions, and what The Urantia Book says.

Text added on 2015 Dec 14
Subjects: Urantia Papers, Isaac Asimov, Star Trek, extraterrestrial
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Hillary Alien

Politics may not be the best promotion for the revelation.

Text added on 2015 Dec 7
Subjects: Urantia Papers, Urantia Moovement, Hillary Clinton
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There really was no deep significance to be attached to this superficial and spontaneous outburst of popular enthusiasm.

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Subjects: Jesus, Urantia Papers

"But cultural society is no great and beneficent club of inherited privilege into which all men are born with free membership and entire equality.

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Subjects: civilization, Urantia Papers

>>...If I suddenly went broke somehow in a freak accident, giving me money would be just fine, because I know how to plan ahead.

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Subjects: finances, Urantia Papers

»» Jesus replies, " a glass of water is all I need. I'll do the rest thanks "

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Subjects: Easter, Moby Dick, Urantia Papers

Just because he reminds me of so many today, especially those in public life:


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Subjects: Judas Iscariot, Urantia Papers
Tila Tequla

The thoughful, the addlepated, and the duplicitous - how some people who claim to be religious behave, and how the mocking mass media looks at religion in general, will invariably involve followers of the revelation — while it just sits there, a fixed string of words.

Text added on 2014 Jan 13
Subjects: Urantia Papers, LaughingStock Media, cultism
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Blind men had better luck describing the elephant - where the Urantia Papers meet anthropology.

Text, Photo by Others added on 2014 Jan 2
Subjects: anthropology, Urantia Papers, Adam & Eve
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Far more obscure than CS Lewis or the Beatles, but still relatively famous in some circles at the time, 50yrs ago yesterday, death of Wm Sadler Sr., psychologist and mysticism debunker (who, ironic

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Subjects: Dr William F Sadler Sr, Urantia Papers
Agaricocrinus americanus Carboniferous Indiana

Significant differences in the Urantia Papers and Current Science? What I turned up.

Text added on 2013 Oct 12
Subjects: Urantia Papers, earth
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Jesus cartoon

The scenery is nice.

Text, Video by Others added on 2013 Jul 15
Subjects: Jesus, Urantia Papers, animation
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Archicebus achilles

Anthropology moves a little toward the revelation.

Text added on 2013 Jun 21
Subjects: anthropology, Urantia Papers
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Foundation, when it was just a trilogy, and everything else by Asimov up til then. Robots!
Lord of the Rings including the appendices. Read Hobbit + LotT aloud to the kids.

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Subjects: AoSHQ, Hobbits, Isaac Asimov, Moby Dick, Urantia Papers
Tell All the World
Also, be of good cheer.
vid tn

It's not about UFOs. It's about your revelation.

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Thanks, UBtheNews. In the sidebar on YouTube I see (naturally) a LOT of Shroud videos. I should explore them. Someday.

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Subjects: Shroud of Turin, Jesus, Urantia Papers, revelation
circles, enhanced
Goodbye Big Bang Theory?
Text added on 2012 Jun 16
Subjects: space respiration, cosmology, Urantia Papers
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UB comix #11

Remember, remember, remember!

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UB comix #11

Sometimes some things get lost in the…

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UB comix #11

Speaking of inferior…

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UB comix #10

Enlightened theological discussion.

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No way
UB comix #10

Our flying fellows' final fate.

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 3
Subjects: fandors, passenger birds, stick figure, Urantia Papers
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Oh yeah
UB comix #10

What can you bank on?

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 3
Subjects: angels, service, sacrifice, prayer, Urantia Papers
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UB comix #10

Not you guys; OTHER people.

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