Measure of "Human Nature"

>>...If I suddenly went broke somehow in a freak accident, giving me money would be just fine, because I know how to plan ahead. Those who are habitually broke don't have the know-how of planning ahead, them being trained to survive in a resource-poor environment. ...
Posted by: HoboJerk, Re-branded

Doesn't spoil a good measure of "human nature" to note that some can rise above it.

And I would like to think my own many decades of miserable experiences would enable me to handle winning the Powerball jackpot without becoming an besotted wastrel... again.


In the 'missing years of Jesus' part of the Urantia Book, Jesus counsels a businessman in Rome about moral disposition of wealth.

"I am not concerned with the wealth of any other rich man; I am offering advice only to you and for your personal guidance. If you honestly desire to regard your wealth as a trust, if you really wish to become a wise and efficient steward of your accumulated wealth, then would I counsel you to make the following analysis of the sources of your riches: Ask yourself, and do your best to find the honest answer, whence came this wealth? And as a help in the study of the sources of your great fortune, I would suggest that you bear in mind the following ten different methods of amassing material wealth...."

Whatever the source, some good advice, which I was glad to have read early in life. Could've followed it better....