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Political Theater

donkey's ass

Naturally the Democrats will work with Twitter to take this down, so watch it quick. It’s over the top, but shockingly, every clip (after Rod Serling, of course) is real.

Twitter video, 2:20
3:14pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 22 :MW

Nature can be Deadly

Kung Flu virus

…When Summit was done, researchers analyzed the results. It was, in the words of Dr. Daniel Jacobson, lead researcher and chief scientist for computational systems biology at Oak Ridge, a “eureka moment.” The computer had revealed a new theory about how Covid-19 impacts the body: the bradykinin hypothesis. The hypothesis provides a model that explains many aspects of Covid-19, including some of its most bizarre symptoms. It also suggests 10-plus potential treatments, many of which are already FDA approved.…

1:27pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 22 :MW

Mass Madness

Deranged Smiley

Another “sane” reaction to RBG’s death

Twitter video, 0:23
3:08pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 22 :MW

Art of

Eric Blore & Edward Everett Horton from Shall We Dance

Eric Blore and Edward Everett Horton appeared in many of the early Astaire and Rogers films, but rarely had the limelight to themselves.

YouTube video, 1:35
1:59pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 22 :MW

Animal Companions

Cat, excited

…On Saturday before Labor Day, Milady and I made a rare trip to our in-town "office," to pick up some things. As "fortuitous coincidence" would have it, we found a family, heading through town, stopped for a minute in our parking lot; their two young boys were trying to catch the two tiny kittens who had come up to them. We joined in the ensuing comic chase scene (worthy of the great Duck artist Don Rosa).…

Pictures and descriptions in the post.
3:33pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 22 :MW

Now *That's* Funny!

Trump, yelling

"This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen."

Twitter video 2:16
1:36pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 22 :MW

Defending Ourselves

Toon Bullet

Don’t You Just Love This Guy

Twitter video, 0:44
2:17pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 22 :MW


Med Mask Emoji

…“Alright. We’re tired of shopping with masks on,” Chris Nelson, who organized the event, said while holding up his phone as “We’re Not Gonna Take It” began to play in the background.

“And now, we’re taking our masks off because we’re done with it,” he said as others began taking their masks off in the store.

“Breathe. Breathe. You’re Americans. Breathe,” one woman said as she marched through the store.…

1:32pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 22 :MW

US Judicial Branch

President Trump on death of Justice Ginsburg: "She just died? Wow. I didn't know that...She led an amazing life. What else can you say? She was an amazing woman, whether you agree or not. She was an amazing woman who led an amazing life. I'm actually sad to hear that."

Man has class. Twitter video, 0:50
2:30pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 22 :MW

Breitbart is Here

From the Washington Post: “Recent polls showing President Trump’s inroads with Latinos have set off a fresh round of frustration and finger-pointing among Democrats, confirming problems some say have simmered for months.” So what do you do? You have Sleepy Joe slow-roll the Macarena or something. “Despacito” sounds close enough to desperado to work? Why not? Slow Joe probably thinks of it as a Corny Pop song.

Memes and jokes, headlines and pokes, political, satirical, and just funny.
2:58pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 22 :MW

US Election 2020

Trump, smiling

A friend in Los Angeles happened to drive by on Ventura Blvd. in the valley as a huge group of Trump voters drove by. She filmed for 5 minutes and it was still going. @realDonaldTrump — I don't think this enthusiasm is being properly measured in polls.

Twitter video, 4:46
2:02pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 22 :MW
Joe Biden

Serious… this is not a spoof. This is the current status of Joe Biden's Latino "enthusiasm" rally tonight.

Not exactly busting the rafters, actually
1:44pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 22 :MW

North Korea

Host - Simon Whistler

A massive monument to the futility of communist dictatorships. YouTube video, 24:39
1:52pm CDT Wed 2020 Sep 16 :MW

Earth Shakes


Host - Simon Whistler
"The Cascadia and San Andreas faults both connect…"

YouTube video, 24:50
12:57pm CDT Wed 2020 Sep 16 :MW

Host - Simon Whistler

Spoiler: It would be bad. YouTube video, 22:06 including commercial for shaving goods by a man overcompensating for his bald head.
12:54pm CDT Wed 2020 Sep 16 :MW

Evolution Isn't Easy

Three concentric azure blue circles

…But early in this era mortals learn to kindle and maintain fire, and with the increase of inventive imagination and the improvement in tools, evolving man soon vanquishes the larger and more unwieldy animals. The early races also make extensive use of the larger flying animals. These enormous birds are able to carry one or two average-sized men for a nonstop flight of over five hundred miles. On some planets these birds are of great service since they possess a high order of intelligence, often being able to speak many words of the languages of the realm. These birds are most intelligent, very obedient, and unbelievably affectionate. Such passenger birds have been long extinct on Urantia, but your early ancestors enjoyed their services.…

"…they became extinct more than thirty thousand years ago…"

Mentioned five times in the Urantia Papers.

The Last Fandor
Our flying fellows' final fate.
Mindful Webworks UB Comix page from 1996.

11:54am CDT Wed 2020 Sep 16 :MW

Millions of years ago giant birds of prey ruled the Americas - the Teratorns. But our understanding of these animals has changed greatly in the last few decades.

YouTube video, 8:05

DDG search on "teratorn birds"

10:30am CDT Wed 2020 Sep 16 :MW

What Th'...?

Deranged Smiley
GIF 0:11 - and hilarious
2:29pm CDT Wed 2020 Sep 16 :MW

History Marches On

Star bright

Ezra Levant @ezralevant
This is the most stunning image I have seen in my entire life, in regards to Middle East peace.

This was unthinkable, impossible, absurd to me until seeing it just this moment.

True peace between Jews and Muslims -- brokered by Donald Trump?

I cannot believe my eyes.…

Avi Berkowitz @aviberkow45
The moment Jared Kushner gave His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa bin Salman al-Khalifa of the Kingdom of Bahrain a Torah scroll for a Synagogue in Bahrain…

2:42pm CDT Wed 2020 Sep 16 :MW

United States of America

US Flag

A performance of the first 1814 edition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" as arranged by Thomas Carr in what may be the world premiere recording incorporating historically informed performance practice.…

YouTube video, 5:26
2:18pm CDT Wed 2020 Sep 16 :MW

Being Human

Canada is not divided by Race, Colour, Gender or Sexual Orientation.
Canada is divided into Wise people and Fools.
And Fools divide themselves by Race, Colour, Gender and Sexual Orientation.

Substitute everyone for Canadians.
2:49pm CDT Wed 2020 Sep 16 :MW

9/11 - still with us

World Trade Center

Paper from a Bible, fused to a piece of steel, was found in the debris shortly after 9/11 by a fireman and given to photographer Joel Meyerowitz. In 2010, he gave it to the September 11 Memorial Museum.

YouTube video, 3:53
3:08pm CDT Sun 2020 Sep 13 :MW

Stress is Unhealthy

Kung Flu virus

Friend sent me this -- think it counts as a COVID death?

Posted on A♠ by: Lizzy at September 12, 2020 11:14 AM

Be sure to read it to the end!
3:21pm CDT Sun 2020 Sep 13 :MW

Art of

Mahler Symphony No 4 G major, Leonard Bernstein Wiener Philharmoniker

YouTube video, 57:43

On this day in 1910, the Symphony No. 8 ("Symphony of a Thousand") of Gustav Mahler had its premiere in Munich. It's just about the only work of Mahler's that doesn't scream, "OMG! I'm dying!"
Posted on A♠ by: Hadrian the Seventh at September 12, 2020 10:06 AM

Well...although it is about a child's view of heaven.

Mahler's 4th is just charming as all get out.

Esp. on the rare occasions when it snows here, I feel the need to put it on.

Here's a nice version…

Posted on A♠ by: naturalfake at September 12, 2020 10:10 AM

2:01pm CDT Sun 2020 Sep 13 :MW

Animal Culture

Bluebird of Bitterness

Bluebird of Bitterness, Caturday funnies — basket case edition

Another great kitteh pix collection from Bluebird.
2:51pm CDT Sun 2020 Sep 13 :MW
Cat, excited

Bluebird of Bitterness Caturday Funnies

Cat Caught, YouTube video 0:30
2:48pm CDT Sun 2020 Sep 13 :MW

Now *That's* Funny!

The Babylon Bee
Kindltot: Babylon Bee has a YouToob channel now
they do animated news

Trump Punched A Baby, California Black Outs, And Squirrels — The BNN Week In Review 9-11-2020
This is your BNN week in review. Did Trump punch a baby? According to anonymous sources he did. What's going on with California black outs? Also, scientists say the squirrels are up to something. Babylon Newsroom Journalists Guy Curtis, Samantha Kurlock, and Stuart Stringer report. These updates and more in our latest video.

2:24pm CDT Sun 2020 Sep 13 :MW

Breitbart is Here

Since it is the convention to speak of presidential election campaigns like horse races, we’ve reached the far turn before the homestretch. Biden is still sitting inside on the pole, but is tiring. Trump is coming up fast on the outside. The track is sloppy. The odds are narrow. The stands are starting to fill up. Photo finish ahead?

Meme pix and crazy headlines, political and otherwise.
2:45pm CDT Sun 2020 Sep 13 :MW

9/11 - still with us

An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience (HD Version), Sep 7, 2011
Tom Hanks narrates the epic story of the 9/11 boatlift that evacuated half a million people from the stricken piers and seawalls of Lower Manhattan.…

YouTube video, 11:56
8:53pm CDT Sat 2020 Sep 12 :MW
This special ONT post has only the picture of Falling Man. Excerpts from comments:

Heard today a NYPD guy who was there saying that there were so many bodies falling that many people "safe" on the ground were killed by them.
Posted by: Commissar Hrothgar

iirc, one of the first identified dead was a NYFD chaplain. Killed by a falling body. There's a pic of him being carried away from the scene by other firefighters.
Posted by: Tonypete

Found Fr. Mychal Fallon Judge, O.F.M. picture.
Posted by: Tonypete

"In the picture, he departs from this earth like an arrow. Although he has not chosen his fate, he appears to have, in his last instants of life, embraced it. If he were not falling, he might very well be flying. He appears relaxed, hurtling through the air. He appears comfortable in the grip of unimaginable motion. He does not appear intimidated by gravity's divine suction or by what awaits him. His arms are by his side, only slightly outriggered. His left leg is bent at the knee, almost casually. His white shirt, or jacket, or frock, is billowing free of his black pants. His black high-tops are still on his feet. In all the other pictures, the people who did what he did--who jumped--appear to be struggling against horrific discrepancies of scale. They are made puny by the backdrop of the towers, which loom like colossi, and then by the event itself. Some of them are shirtless; their shoes fly off as they flail and fall; they look confused, as though trying to swim down the side of a mountain. The man in the picture, by contrast, is perfectly vertical"

--Tom Junod in Esquire

We'll never know, but we can hope that he attained a measure of peace on his way down.
Posted by: Blonde Morticia

6:49pm CDT Sat 2020 Sep 12 :MW
World Trade Center

THANQ PATRIOTS for helping me on this journey! There are so many I need to thank that it's overwhelming and amazing! I love you all and will continue to fight for American Values: Freedom & Liberty for ALL in my music. Divided we are invisible, But TOGETHER WE'RE INVINCIBLE!

Heart-wrenching YouTube video - 3:41
6:08pm CDT Sat 2020 Sep 12 :MW

Sex and Politics

Washington Post Opinion | President Trump says he supports LGBTQ Americans. His record says otherwise. Jun 4, 2019.

When accepting the Republican nomination for president, Donald Trump promised to be an ally of LGBTQ Americans.” Now that he's in the White House, Post producer Kate Woodsome notes, Trump's policies have contradicted that promise. Several Trump administration regulations, executive orders and personnel appointments are reversing Obama-era civil rights protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people.

Execrable propaganda from an Anti-Trump rag. They cite as negatives Trump's order on dysmophics in the military and protection of separate sex sports, which is entirely sensible (see my comment on the TIME article blogged earlier). Trump addressed "gay rights" versus religious rights and came down in favor of faith. All this and more slanted and unspecific crap.
YouTube video, a painful 2:31
5:59pm CDT Sat 2020 Sep 12 :MW
Confused clock

Everything President Trump Has Said About The LGBTQ Community, Including Fighting For Them | TIME Jul 26, 2017
President Donald Trump announced in a series of tweets on Wednesday that the government will not allow transgender people to serve in the U.S. military. The move represents Trump’s latest flip-flop on his stance on LGBTQ rights.…

Although the video shows overwhelmingly Trump's support of the rights of homosexuals, TIME's focus is, of course, on his one order disallowing transgenders in the military. "See? See? Trump hates queers!" propaganda, of course. It's no flip-flop. Many, especially on the "left," will insist on enabling them, but people with real dysmorphic disorder represent an entirely different matter than homosexuals, and the military is no place for them. YouTube video 2:17.
5:33pm CDT Sat 2020 Sep 12 :MW
Wedding rings, interlocked

☭NN interview with Jake Tapper. Donald Trump, who has been married three times himself, says he is for "traditional marriage." What would he say to gay couples who question his position?

Trump admits his divorces were his own fault. He says he 'believes' in traditional marriage, and cites his and Meliana's. He does not put down "gay marriage." I also believe in one man, one woman, kids as the best marriage for all concerned and for society, when it works — which, alas, is not often enough. Acknowledging what is optimal is not to say that one size fits all. ☭NN wants you to believe Trump is anti-gay, or something. If I may be allowed my own editorial opinion: Screw ☭NN.
5:14pm CDT Sat 2020 Sep 12 :MW
Wedding rings, interlocked

Ric Grenell“President Trump is the most pro-gay President in American history.”…

YouTube video. A very important, very impressive 3:45
5:07pm CDT Sat 2020 Sep 12 :MW
Electric Smiley

On AUG 22, 2020, a violent #BlackLivesMatter mob swarmed the Trump Unity Bridge in Beverly Hills. The Trump Unity Bridge responded to #BLM with a DANCE OFF to their unifying theme song MAGA / YMCA!

YouTube video, a toe-tapping 3:31 - previously blogged, but worth a re-watch
5:04pm CDT Sat 2020 Sep 12 :MW
US Flag

Holy fire @RichardGrenell handing @DonaldJTrumpJr a bedazzled American flag clutch is everything I never knew I needed in my life 🔥

Twitter video, a smile-inducing 0:15.
4:58pm CDT Sat 2020 Sep 12 :MW

Wars and Rumors


…Upon becoming Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler had appointed Göring as Minister of the Interior for the State of Prussia, Germany's biggest and most important state, which controlled two thirds of the country, including the capital, Berlin, and the big industrial centers. As Minister of the Interior, Göring thereby had control of the police.

The first thing he did was to prohibit regular uniformed police from interfering with Nazi Brownshirts out in the streets. This meant that innocent German citizens had no one to turn to as they were being beaten up by rowdy young storm troopers drunk with their newfound power and quite often drunk on beer. These young Nazi toughs took full advantage of police leniency to loot shops at will and terrorize Jews or anyone else unfortunate enough to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.…

Disturbingly current
1:55pm CDT Fri 2020 Sep 11 :MW

Communication Breakdown

Joe Biden

Joe Biden: …“Who’s, I mean, this idea of, you know, ‘Slow Joe,'” Biden said as he started to laugh before losing his train of thought. “I, anyway, I, I shouldn’t laugh about it because, uh, anyway, Donald Trump, uh, just look at us both, watch us, and determine whether or not you think, uh, um, I’m misleading anyone, not you personally, but the public, you know, look at me, judge me based on—”…

Video, 0:33
3:52pm CDT Fri 2020 Sep 11 :MW
Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi: …“And, our priorities of a, the, um, one of our, ah…(knocks twice on podium) – our “climate action now” legislation that we passed is from the early legislation for us to have. Re-return to the Paris Accord, but to be-better, to do better than that.”…

Video, 1:20
3:49pm CDT Fri 2020 Sep 11 :MW

9/11 - still with us

World Trade Center

A docudrama about the efforts of the passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 93 to derail the 9/11 terrorists' plan for the hijacked airliner.

I haven't seen the theatrical "Flight 93" film, but this is excellent, mixing dramatizations with historical footage, interviews, and commentary. 1:31:54
2:02pm CDT Fri 2020 Sep 11 :MW

Animal Companions

Highly recommended that you not waggle your rioting butt too close to a snarling, snapping German Shepherd. Twitter video, 0:30
8:02pm CDT Fri 2020 Sep 11 :MW

Defending Ourselves

Crying emoji

Steve Inman: UICCheerleader puts down the pom poms to handle a bully.

Twitter video, a brutal 0:45.
8:09pm CDT Fri 2020 Sep 11 :MW

Breitbart is Here

US Flag

Good morning, kids. Friday and 19 years ago today nothing would ever be the same again. Many things became crystal clear that day and among them the fact that the Democrat Party was no longer the loyal opposition but the opposition. Today, it is starkly evident that they've gone even beyond being the opposition. In point of fact, they are the enemy. The smoking wreckage of the Twin Towers juxtaposed side by side with that of Minneapolis, Kenosha, Portland, Seattle and a dozen or so other urban areas are physically quite similar.…

The very best news report anywhere, every Monday through Friday
7:34pm CDT Fri 2020 Sep 11 :MW

US Election 2020

Joe Biden
Trump ad. Twitter video, 0:59
8:13pm CDT Fri 2020 Sep 11 :MW
Kung Flu virus

A Democrat bureaucrat finally said what we all have known to be the truth: The Wuhan virus limitations that Democrat politicians and bureaucrats have imposed on Americans will go away after the election because that was the plan all along.…

7:29pm CDT Fri 2020 Sep 11 :MW
Trump, smiling

…“If Biden’s elected, China will own America. Washington vultures like Biden and others ripped apart entire towns all across your state,” Trump told a crowd of supporters at an overflowing airport hangar in Freeland, Michigan.…

Trump also hit Michigan’s Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for coronavirus lockdowns that sparked armed protests, saying, “Open up your state, Madam Governor, open up your state.”

“Just like crazy Nancy Pelosi, your governor is a liberal hypocrite who lives by a different set of rules….”

7:26pm CDT Fri 2020 Sep 11 :MW

Civilization vs Gangsterism

Ronald Reagan, pointing

As good today as the day he said it.…

As A♠ commenter Braenyard said, "He sounds like Joe Friday." Twitter video, 0:50
12:07pm CDT Thu 2020 Sep 10 :MW

Disinformation Propaganda and Spin

Med Mask Emoji

They’re not even trying anymore…

The Hill says Trump supporters "gathered without masks," accompanied by photo showing all of them wearinig masks.
1:24pm CDT Thu 2020 Sep 10 :MW

Have you seen this latest leftist smear, by the way? Video is edited to make it appear that Trump is having a Bidenesque who am I where am I moment.

@BionicMD, Twitter, 0:11:
A well known orange lunatic was seen meandering in the White House lawn

The original.

@charliespiering, Twitter, 0:52:
Trending video of Trump walking around on the South Lawn and pointing to a puddle lacks context.

Video is from August 2019 — He walks over to meet First Lady Melania Trump - points out the puddle so that she can avoid it and they walk to Marine One together

Trump is not dementia-patient Biden, no matter how much his enemies try to make him out to be. Indeed, he is a gentleman.
11:00am CDT Thu 2020 Sep 10 :MW

Animal Culture

Raccoon (not albino)

This albino racoon eating cherries, living the good life…

Twitter video, a delightful 0:36.
1:36pm CDT Thu 2020 Sep 10 :MW

I’m waiting for the Pink News report on homophobic police horses.…

I presume the horses had some perception problems with the painted street, but their reaction is sadly hilarious. Twitter video, 0:26
12:28pm CDT Thu 2020 Sep 10 :MW

Man and Woman

Crying emoji

…The four of us were going to do the dinner-and-movie thing. Before we even got to the restaurant, I sensed a distinct chill in the air. It only got worse at the restaurant. The food came with frost forming on it.…

When the Webworker was young and dumb(er).
1:30pm CDT Thu 2020 Sep 10 :MW

Healthier Humans

Kung Flu virus

…By changing the case definition and the testing strategy, Colorado began comparing apples to rutabagas.

We need to stop testing asymptomatic people, or at the very least stop using these results as the basis for public policy.…

Dr. Muldoon explains how counting cases makes it look like there was a second wave, when there really wasn't. Recommended read!
1:15pm CDT Thu 2020 Sep 10 :MW

US Election 2020

Trump, smiling

On AUG 22, 2020, a violent #BlackLivesMatter mob swarmed the Trump Unity Bridge in Beverly Hills. The Trump Unity Bridge responded to #BLM with a DANCE OFF to their unifying theme song MAGA / YMCA! …

Naturalfake on A♠: "This is simultaneously hilarious and full of American hope - a great response to the nihilism and hate of the Democrat Party/BLM/antifa

If you click on only one video or link today, I recommend this one. YouTube video, 3:31
12:33pm CDT Thu 2020 Sep 10 :MW

This is a great ad, you know what to do with it…

Democrat claims portrayed by mob realities. Twitter video, 0:35
10:41am CDT Thu 2020 Sep 10 :MW
donkey's ass

This new ad from the Trump Campaign is a brawler. Its pure hardcore smash-mouth politics. Bush, Romney or McCain would never have the stones to roll out an ad like this but thankfully it's not their party anymore - it's Trump's party. #MAGA…

Warning: cackling crazy woman audio. Twitter video, 0:15
10:38am CDT Thu 2020 Sep 10 :MW
Joe Biden

NEW @TeamTrump TV AD IN WI

As Joe Biden takes a knee to lawless criminals in Kenosha, President Trump is providing strong leadership when America needs it most…

Twitter video 0:30
10:21am CDT Thu 2020 Sep 10 :MW
Hillary, Haggard

In one fell swoop, @realDonaldTrump turned Hillary Clinton from a Sec of State with every chance to be historic first female President, into a ranty vlogger making Alex Jones look sedate…

Bill looks healthier than I've seen him lately, not so gaunt, good color. The VD meds must be working. Hillary on the other hand, besides the poor make-up and bad lighting, looks like an animated corpse. IMHO of course. Twitter video, a painful 0:20.
10:18am CDT Thu 2020 Sep 10 :MW

Theory of Education

US Flag

…At the direction of the president, the Office of Management and Budget is ordering all federal agencies to “cease and desist” any government training programs that include any reference to “critical race theory” or “white privilege,” RealClearPolitics has exclusively learned.

The theory has long been in vogue within academics. Trump now seeks to root it out within the administrative state.…

American taxpayers should not be funding anti-American brainwashing — what a concept!
11:59am CDT Sun 2020 Sep 6 :MW

Scary Times

Shocked face

…A pig is cross bred between a muskrat, bob cat and hyena.…

Whatever it takes to get bacon!

Warning! You may feel yourself losing IQ points as you read these.

12:39pm CDT Sun 2020 Sep 6 :MW

Civilization vs Gangsterism

MAGA hat

There are more Black Trump supporters in attendance than Black BLM terrorists!…

Video, 0:26
11:51am CDT Sun 2020 Sep 6 :MW

Beatles - still with us

Premiere cut from the band everybody thought was the Beatles
YouTube video, 7:15
12:46pm CDT Sun 2020 Sep 6 :MW
Beatles - Help!
When folks believed (briefly) the Beatles had got back together.

YouTube video, 8:47

12:43pm CDT Sun 2020 Sep 6 :MW

Animal Culture

Cat, excited
Another great bunch of kitteh memes
11:55am CDT Sun 2020 Sep 6 :MW

Animal Companions


A family in England rescued a baby hare and now receives daily visits from the critter after releasing her back into the wild.…

12:49pm CDT Sun 2020 Sep 6 :MW

Order and Disorder

Nelson Muntz laugh

OMG my brother in law, the gift that never stops giving, was tired of being sent to get rice every day so he decided buy in bulk, talked to the shop about it, wires got crossed, now there is a literal TRUCK FILLED WITH RICE outside the house and my sister is losing her shit lmfao…

Long but hilarious story
11:47am CDT Sun 2020 Sep 6 :MW

US Election 2020

Joe Biden

As seen on Facebook…
Driving from Indiana to Kansas I count 242 Trump signs, 13 Biden signs, and 46 sweet corn signs. Evidently, Biden is losing to Trump and sweet corn.

3:58pm CDT Sun 2020 Sep 6 :MW
Nancy Pelosi

So, Nancy Pelosi is having the Bad Hair Day from Hell right now, because she was set up by a cabal of Trump-supporting hairdressers in … (checks notes) … San Francisco? That sounds about as implausible as CNN reporting a story accurately, or a liberal Democrat telling the truth about President Trump. Meanwhile, a Kennedy actually lost an election in Massachusetts, showing that Trump really is making America great again.…

Another fine selection of memes and jokes, mostly but not all political.
12:53pm CDT Sun 2020 Sep 6 :MW

Animal Companions

Dog Cat
Links to critter stories, pix and stories - happy and sad - of pets.
2:23pm CDT Sat 2020 Sep 5 :MW

Civilization vs Gangsterism

Grimly funny graphic
10:29am CDT Fri 2020 Sep 4 :MW

President Donald Trump met with business owners affected by the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday outside a building burned-out by violent rioters last week…

Pic of anti-Trump folks looks like a small group framed to look bigger. Pic of burned-out rubble that used to be businesses probably would be the opposite.
10:07am CDT Fri 2020 Sep 4 :MW

Disinformation Propaganda and Spin

Hillary, Haggard

Animatronic Donald Trump makes his debut at Disney's Hall of Presidents — and he's creepy as hell…

"The more I see of Disney's 'Hall of Presidents' Trump, the more I'm convinced they made a Hillary one first and had to redo it"…

10:47am CDT Fri 2020 Sep 4 :MW

Healing Ourselves


A groundbreaking discovery in Australia is giving new meaning to the term natural remedy. Using hundreds of honeybees, a new study reveals the venom in these insects’ stingers quickly kills breast cancer cells.

Dr. Ciara Duffy says honeybee venom destroys multiple types of breast cancer, even the hard to treat triple-negative variety.…

Not only would this be great news about breast cancer, I can imagine it being extrapolated to other cancers.
10:32am CDT Fri 2020 Sep 4 :MW

Healthier Humans

Med Mask Emoji

…The CDC summarized it succinctly, “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.”

What this means is that those at lower risk, younger and healthier, are extremely unlikely to die from the Chinese flu, and shutting down the economy to protect the healthy makes little sense, unless economic destruction is the ultimate goal.

Not surprisingly, this revision received little attention…

The NY Times found, “Up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus.” Yet lockdowns of businesses and schools continue based on these wildly inaccurate numbers.

Is this purposeful or incompetent? I suggest the former.…

10:11am CDT Fri 2020 Sep 4 :MW

US Election 2020

Light bulb

“A black man invented the light bulb, not a white guy named Edison, okay?”

The black man, Lewis Latimer, has a name, not that Biden knows that. He created an improved filament, he didn't invent the bulb. He's just fuel to create more racial divisions.…

Joe calls for teaching history while misrepresenting it.
11:08am CDT Fri 2020 Sep 4 :MW
Joe Biden
Don't miss this short video. 0:13
10:40am CDT Fri 2020 Sep 4 :MW
Red star hammer & sickle

A top Democratic operative says voter fraud, especially with mail-in ballots, is no myth. And he knows this because he’s been doing it, on a grand scale, for decades.… “An election that is swayed by 500 votes, 1,000 votes — it can make a difference,” the tipster said. “It could be enough to flip states.”… he not only changed ballots himself over the years, but led teams of fraudsters and mentored at least 20 operatives in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania — a critical 2020 swing state.…

"It Isn't the people who vote that count, it's the people who count the votes." Unless you can manipulate things between the vote and the count.
9:59am CDT Fri 2020 Sep 4 :MW

Animals can be Dangerous


Bears go shoplifting

Facebook video, 1:37
8:48pm CDT Wed 2020 Sep 2 :MW

Civilization vs Gangsterism

Rage Guy

…"I'm just going to sit on the sidelines and watch."…

Twitter vid, 2:09
8:59pm CDT Wed 2020 Sep 2 :MW

Stress is Unhealthy

Emoji wearing med mask

Just back from our cruise…

Mask meme poster
8:24pm CDT Wed 2020 Sep 2 :MW

US Election 2020

MAGA hat

…"I personally believe the BLM movement is fake. It has nothing to do with advancing the lives of black people…"

These four guys know what they're talking about. Twitter vid, 2:19
9:08pm CDT Wed 2020 Sep 2 :MW
Nancy Pelosi

The most important video of 2020

Maybe not most important, but danged impressive. Twitter vid, 2:19
8:16pm CDT Wed 2020 Sep 2 :MW

Modern Culture


Ace of Spades (sidebar):

Black Muslim woman (and recent university graduate, naturally!) berates the Asian owners of a boba tea shop, claiming that… Asians stole tea from blacks, and that the store should be black-owned.
By the way, a black customer of the boba tea shop defends the Asian owners; the Black Muslim woman calls that man "a coon."
What do Asians know about… Boba ("Bubble") tea. Totally a black thing! You know what else blacks invented? J-Horror and K-Pop!
These people are literally the stupidest, most ignorant, mentally-ill people the world has ever known.
Calling blacks who are not Marxists "coons" is the new fashion among Social Justice Warrior blacks because Racism Is Rilly Rilly Rilly Bad or something…

Just one more shrieking harridan. Twitter video: 0:50
3:37pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 1 :MW

Animals and Transport


Wait one second!

Those aren’t Dolphins 🐬 following my boat!

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3:40pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 1 :MW

US Election 2020

Joe Biden

The toughest job in the world.

Translating Bidenspeak for the Deaf. What about for the Hearing? Twitter video, 0:17
4:14pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 1 :MW
Joe Biden

…Liar liar pants on fire…

Twitter video, 0:57
3:54pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 1 :MW

And Joe emerges out of the basement!! 😂 😂 😂

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3:47pm CDT Tue 2020 Sep 1 :MW