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Now *That's* Funny!

Pistol Pete

Take a break from political nonsense for a little while….you’ll feel better. I promise.…

Pete has a great selection of motivational posters for us today. And by motivational I mean funny.
9:35am CDT Sat 2018 Apr 21 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1836 the Republic of Texas under Sam Houston defeated troops under Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna. …

Young JJ may rest, but old Vic will not. News on a Saturday morning for you.
6:48am CDT Sat 2018 Apr 21 :MW

Feeding Ourselves

…If you subscribe to this newsletter "Nutrition and Healing" nutrition and I think they will send you this book-Cured 81 natural cures for Diabetes, Alzheimers and more. … It has chapters on every subject you can think of including autoimmune diseases and arthritis and cancer… I have chronic pain and tried some of their remedies including not eating nightshade vegetables, sugar, and taking SAME and some other vitamins and minerals and in several weeks I am feeling much better than I was before and am pain free.…

4:01pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 20 :MW

OT from the blog of Jordan Peterseon's daughter Mikhaela:

For those of you who don't know, Dad and I had extremely severe depression/anxiety. We managed to get most of it under control with the extremely strict original diet. No cheating. AT ALL. I would say it worked better for me than for dad mood-wise. It fixed his autoimmune symptoms, he lost 50 pounds, got rid of his snoring and GERD, so it helped, but it wasn't good enough to completely remove the anxiety-ridden mornings. And anxiety-ridden is putting it mildly. He was experiencing a doom-y feeling in the mornings that would slowly fade by the evenings. No way to live really.)

Anyway, he went from eating meat and greens to only eating meat and felt better in TWO days. TWO. DAYS.

3:55pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 20 :MW

Breitbart is Here

Ace of Spades

…I want to start off with arguably the most radical and hence most dangerous miscreant to have been a part of the eight-year Obama reign of error. Eric Holder's disdain for America as founded, its institutions, traditions and most crucially its people was palpably detectable every time he opened up his pie-hole to blood-libel or otherwise smear the aforementioned.…

JJ minces words, but if you think about it, you can get a hint of what he's thinking. ;)
7:37am CDT Fri 2018 Apr 20 :MW

US Election 2016

So, I got myself registered to view documents in the Federal Court for the Southern District of New York so that I can track the daily cluster-fuckery of the stupid DemonRats v. Roooshians case that was filed today.…

Read the whole comment.
10:16pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 20 :MW

Breitbart is Here

Ace of Spades

…As we roll into a Thursday, it's Comey, Comey, Comey! The release of "Mein Come-pft!" went over pretty much as expected; the press slobbering all over it while the public at large yawned.…

JJ has your breakfast of news served up hot. With maple syrup.
8:27am CDT Thu 2018 Apr 19 :MW

Humans can be Dangerous

Bald Eagle

Eagles are dying at alarming rates. … Wind turbines … It's horrific to see the bird's wing cut off by the knife blade whipping down upon it. … The EIS (environment impact study) allows wind energy facilities to cumulatively kill up to 4,200 bald eagles and 2,000 golden eagles annually with no prosecution.…

Near here, there's a bird sanctuary, and we see great birds flying over us frequently. We also watch as pieces of windmills are trucked down the highways to tax-incentivized wind farms.
2:34pm CDT Wed 2018 Apr 18 :MW

Transport Disaster

…The engine on Shults's plane had, in fact, exploded on Tuesday, spraying shrapnel into the aircraft, causing a window to be blown out and leaving one passenger dead and seven others injured. Frightened passengers on board the Dallas-bound flight braced for impact as oxygen masks muffled their screams.

In the midst of the chaos, Shults successfully completed an emergency landing at the Philadelphia International Airport, sparing the lives of 148 people and averting a far worse catastrophe.…

Article has background on the pillot.
2:27pm CDT Wed 2018 Apr 18 :MW

Breitbart is Here

Ace of Spades

…In the lead is the absolute chutz-pocrisy on display by the usual suspects in the propaganda mill about Sean Hannity…

Gather 'round, children, while JJ tells the tale of our unfolding history…
7:35am CDT Wed 2018 Apr 18 :MW

North Korea

Ahead of a summit next week between North Korean premier Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-In, lawmakers from the neighboring states were thought to be negotiating the details of a joint statement that could outline an end to the military conflict between the two countries.

Pyongyang and Seoul have technically been at war since the 1950-1953 Korean conflict ended with a truce — and not a peace treaty.…

After 65 years - what could have suddenly changed?
4:42pm CDT Tue 2018 Apr 17 :MW

US Judicial Branch

…Just read through the opinion, and Gorsuch was right. I'm a bit disappointed that it wasn't 9-0. Gorsuch actually made a very judicially conservative ruling.…

An interesting analysis I was tempted to quote in full, but it's a bit long.
12:01pm CDT Tue 2018 Apr 17 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1969 Sirhan Sirhan was convicted of assassinating Robert F. Kennedy. He was a Palestinian muzzie who was let into the country on a visa and supposedly shot Kennedy because of US aid to Israel. He was originally sentence to death but CA's death penalty was killed for a while by stupid black robes and his sentence was commuted to life. The mean time served for first degree murder in CA is about 33 years. It has now been almost 50 years since he was convicted.…

Vic has his links to share and we're glad he does.
10:00am CDT Tue 2018 Apr 17 :MW
Ace of Spades

…The big story this Tuesday is the outing of Sean Hannity as Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen's unnamed client.… You know what, let Mueller stay where he is and keep doing what he's doing. In the end, he will wind up as disgraced and discredited as James Comey.…

JJ dons his armor early to fight his way through the news and bring home the prime stuff. All for you.
8:23am CDT Tue 2018 Apr 17 :MW

Government vs. Business

Knows where it's at:
He'd rather eat
Some deep-fried rat.

~Chik fil A~

2:46pm CDT Mon 2018 Apr 16 :MW

Spiritual Matters

After growing up and retracting his controversial account of “coming back from heaven,” 20-year-old Alex Malarkey is now suing the Christian publisher who made his story famous, then infamous.…

I read the book. It had lots of nice-sounding stuff, but was full of Malarkey, as it turns out.
2:15pm CDT Mon 2018 Apr 16 :MW

Defending Ourselves

A photo of a young woman wearing a T-shirt supporting President Donald Trump and displaying a concealed weapon is wrong in so many ways to many on the left.… WTVC, the ABC News affiliate in Chattanooga, contacted the Chattanooga Police Department about the legality of Spencer’s picture, but didn't receive a reply to their request for a comment.…

Talk about activist "journalism"!!
2:20pm CDT Mon 2018 Apr 16 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1746 the Battle of Culloden was fought between the French-supported Scottish and the British Hanoverian forces commanded by William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, in Scotland. After the battle many highland traditions were banned and the Highlands of Scotland were cleared of inhabitants.

Oops. Forgot to blog Vic. Back-dating this item so it'll appear on the correct day. Still good news report.
11:46pm CDT Mon 2018 Apr 16 :MW

…Start of a new week and first up is the ridiculous spectacle of crooked cop and serial liar James Comey…

JJ has the world in the oven and is extracting the best for your dining pleasure. Whut?
8:51am CDT Mon 2018 Apr 16 :MW

End of the World As We Know It

…White Castle will soon be offering vegan sliders.…

1:03am CDT Sun 2018 Apr 15 :MW

Mass Media is Dead

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Mika Brzezinski stated President Trump is “using our country’s national security as a way to deflect from his personal problems, or his personal anger.”…

Strange projections from inside the Laughingstock Media bubble.
11:50am CDT Sun 2018 Apr 15 :MW

Breitbart is Here


Good Morning Morons. Sorry no links today because just got up. Had company yesterday and we had a "porch sitten" with corn squeezins.

No J.J. No Vic. Even Pete at PoliNation had no news. We'll call this a good thing.
8:58am CDT Sun 2018 Apr 15 :MW

International Incidents

I think this strike has to be seen in the bigger picture of what Trump is trying to do in the region. He is trying to reorder the structure that Obama put into place.…

Many of our bombers took off last night from bases in Qatar and flew through Saudi air space to hit Syria. That was a big message to Russia and Iran as well as to our allies. When Trump went to Saudi early in his administration he told them clearly that it was up to them to drive terrorism and bad actors out of the region. We would have their back and provide strategic support but they had to finally get into the game and take the lead. He said it again last night after the attack.

Like it or not the Middle East is a very strategic region and we can't cede it to Russia and Iran which is exactly what Obama did for 8 years.

12:12pm CDT Sat 2018 Apr 14 :MW


…On the afternoon of April 14, the residents of the Plains States were forced to take cover as a dust storm, or "black blizzard", blew through the region. The storm hit the Oklahoma Panhandle and Northwestern Oklahoma first, and moved south for the remainder of the day. It hit Beaver around 4:00 p.m., Boise City around 5:15 p.m., and Amarillo, Texas, at 7:20 p.m. The conditions were the most severe in the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles, but the storm's effects were felt in other surrounding areas.

The storm was harsh due to the high winds that hit the area that day. The combination of drought, erosion, bare soil, and winds caused the dust to fly freely and at high speeds.…

11:32am CDT Sat 2018 Apr 14 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1935 the Black Sunday dust storm, considered one of the worst storms of the Dust Bowl, swept across the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles and neighboring areas. What most people do not know is that these dust storms were primarily caused by stupid government policy combined with a drought which was common for this area.

Vic comes through with the news he's found.
11:25am CDT Sat 2018 Apr 14 :MW

Digital Threat

No Twitter

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey personally chooses which accounts should be banned and sanctioned on his social network, according to a report.…

Twitter has frequently banned prominent conservatives and libertarians, both temporarily and permanently, including Roger Stone, Tommy Robinson, Sargon of Akkad, Steven Crowder, Pizza Party Ben, Sheriff David Clarke, Guccifer 2.0, and Raheem Kassam.…

2:04pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 13 :MW
No Facebook

15 Memes Mocking Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate Hearing

1:48pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 13 :MW
You Tube China flag

Ten years of my videos are gone. I was notified this morning that my account was no longer wanted on YT because it “drives people off their site.”

I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.…

It means you speak truth and power-mad little commies don't like it.
1:19pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 13 :MW

Digital Criminal

M.A., woman who sued , dances as Pres. Trump signs bill combatting online sex trafficking. "It's about damn time.…

Video at link
2:21pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 13 :MW

Trump Derangement

Trump, smiling

Wapo Publishes Essay That Advocates Paying Trump To Leave Office…

Right. The billionaire who financed his own campaign and donated his (comparatively patry) salary as President is going to be bribed to quit making America Great Again.

This was enough for me to start a new header, which I only due under pressure. Probably should've started this one back before the election.

2:18pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 13 :MW

Art of

Help me! I am trapped
In a haiku factory
Save me - before they

1:34pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 13 :MW

Animal Culture

Cat, Excited
Another d'aawww-inducing collection of critter pix by Claudia
1:22pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 13 :MW

Evolution Isn't Easy

Fishy Fish

…At an estimated 85 feet in length, the newly discovered ichthyosaur might just be the biggest prehistoric creature ever recorded.… 25 percent larger than the largest ichthyosaur jaw ever discovered…

Soon to be a SyFy movie series.
1:51pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 13 :MW

Modern Culture


…Marvel co-creator Stan Lee is in need of help. However, a new report by THR reveals just how badly in need of assistance Lee allegedly is, as people close to him have reportedly conspired to seize Stan Lee's financial assets, and use his icon status for their own benefits.…

For having entertained millions, much less having generated $millions, Stan deserves to grow old with dignity and comfort. Met him once. He was very nice to an old fan, my wife, and our kids.
2:12pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 13 :MW

Family Patterns

People recreate photos of their grandparents…

See the collection at IOTW, then click through for more.
1:25pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 13 :MW

Defending Ourselves

The American Federation of Teachers is demanding that Wells Fargo drop its relationship with gun manufacturers (and with the NRA). To its credit, Wells Fargo isn't budging.…

1:06pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 13 :MW

US Election 2016

…"It is entirely possible I was making decisions in an environment where Hillary Clinton was sure to be the next president…"

1:32pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 13 :MW

President Donald Trump

Donald Trump

James Comey is a proven LEAKER & LIAR. Virtually everyone in Washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did-until he was, in fact, fired. He leaked CLASSIFIED information, for which he should be prosecuted. He lied to Congress under OATH. He is a weak and untruthful slime ball who was, as time has proven, a terrible Director of the FBI. His handling of the Crooked Hillary Clinton case, and the events surrounding it, will go down as one of the worst “botch jobs” of history. It was my great honor to fire James Comey!

9:58am CDT Fri 2018 Apr 13 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1945 FDR died in office; Vice President Harry Truman became President upon Roosevelt's death.

Vic's news commentary and links begin with his history tidbit.
8:16am CDT Thu 2018 Apr 12 :MW
Ace of Spades

…What no one can answer is who gets to decide what constitutes "fake news" and "hate speech?" And we all know the answer to that one. But evidently Zuckerberg couldn't which caused an embarrassing 10 seconds of deer-in-the-headlights for the billionaire twerp.…

J.J.'s Morning Report? Click here and you'll be soaking in it.
7:59am CDT Thu 2018 Apr 12 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1951 President Harry Truman relieved General of the Army Douglas MacArthur of overall command in Korea.…

Vic's here to kick gum and post links and he's all out of gum. Whut?
3:45pm CDT Wed 2018 Apr 11 :MW
Ace of Spades

…The middle of the week and things are popping all over the place. In the lead, is the Mueller Kangaroo Kourt and Mark Zuckerberg's Senate testimony yesterday - which are actually related items as most of you I assume are aware.…

JJ sums it up and footnotes with links, and there you go, QED, Bob's your uncle.
12:44pm CDT Wed 2018 Apr 11 :MW

Digital Threat

Diamond and Silk

…So our questions to Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) are:
1. What is unsafe about two Blk-women supporting the @POTUS @realDonaldTrump?

Diamond and Silk go after the Zuck.
8:09pm CDT Tue 2018 Apr 10 :MW

Unclear on the Concept

Palestinians complain Israel not allowing tires into Gaza … after Palestinians created toxic cloud of burning tires…

As the Prof says, you can’t make this stuff up.
8:06pm CDT Tue 2018 Apr 10 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1872 the first Arbor Day was celebrated in Nebraska. In the US it is celebrated on the last Friday in April. The customary observance is to plant a tree. I have planted my last tree here as four killed by late freezes is enough for me.

Vic has his take on the world, and you can find it here.
10:04am CDT Tue 2018 Apr 10 :MW
Ace of Spades

…The lead story for this Tuesday is, as Mark Levin so accurately describes it "the police state tactics" being used by Robert Meuller and by extension the Deep State traitors in both parties to destroy Donald Trump politically and personally to overthrow him and his government, and by extension, we the people.…

JJ's sifted the news to bake you this cake with a file in it.
8:33am CDT Tue 2018 Apr 10 :MW

Digital Threat


…Alexa comes pre-installed on pretty much all Android phones now, and you are not able to delete it.

9:42am CDT Mon 2018 Apr 9 :MW

Man and Woman

Dating tip: Never ask a woman where she wants to eat. Ask her to guess where you’re taking her then take her to her first guess.

(Images at link NSFW)
2:10pm CDT Mon 2018 Apr 9 :MW

Breitbart is Here

Ace of Spades

…Another week begins and the top story this Monday is the President's tough talk against Russia and Iran in the wake of Baashir Assad's use of chemical weapons against rebels in Syria's ongoing bloody civil war.…

Ladies and Gents, J.J. looks at the neewwwws. (Old Laugh-In joke for you kiddies. Laugh-In. It was a TV show. Never mind.)
8:16am CDT Mon 2018 Apr 9 :MW

Digital Culture

No Twitter

[B]eing suspended from Twitter is like suddenly becoming deathly allergic to cocaine - sure that awesome dopamine rush is gone but after a few weeks you realize you have your life back.

10:23am CDT Sun 2018 Apr 8 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1952 President Harry Truman called for the seizure of all domestic steel mills in an attempt to prevent the 1952 steel strike. FDR Jr was thwarted in a rare occurrence by the FDR SCOTUS who said you can't do that shit.

Vic's got the news tips you need, and the opinions you can't live without.
8:05am CDT Sun 2018 Apr 8 :MW

Breitbart is Here

Joe Dan Gorman

…At first glance, you’ll notice these are long-form videos — almost 30 minutes. But don’t let that deter you! Once you start an IF video you won’t be able to pause or stop it until the very end.…

3:15pm CDT Sat 2018 Apr 7 :MW

…On this day 1933 National Beer Day was created even before prohibition was shit-canned.

Vic does not take weekends off. Unless he wants to.
10:42am CDT Sat 2018 Apr 7 :MW

Feeding Ourselves

…trying some recipes… One of those things is beef stroganoff.…

Recipe at link
2:39pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 6 :MW

Spiritual Matters

…Until his dying day, he believed that communism was a malevolent attempt to usurp the sovereignty of God on earth.

But he changed in how he thought Christians should behave towards Communists—the people, not the ideology—and in how he thought the gospel should be presented to regimes that officially rejected Christianity.…

2:10pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 6 :MW

Breitbart is Here


Bookworm Beat 3/31/18 — even more superb Second Amendment posters…
We will have so many awesome Second Amendment posters that you may get bored with Second Amendment posters (as if!). Plus other cool, funny stuff and dogs!…

2:06pm CDT Fri 2018 Apr 6 :MW

…On this day in 1974 Ace's favorite group ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Waterloo", launching their international career.

Vic's less-than-serious history lesson, and news links, start here.
10:16am CDT Fri 2018 Apr 6 :MW
Ace of Spades

…I want to take the time to look ahead, either far off into the future or just around the corner, depending upon one's perspective, to the November midterms.…

And current news links, too, JJ. Don't go wanderin' too far afield.
10:01am CDT Fri 2018 Apr 6 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1792 President George Washington exercised his authority to veto a bill. This was the first time this power was used in the United States. The Articles of Confederation had no power of 'the Veto'. The bill he vetoed was a new apportionment of taxes which Washington thought gave unfair advantage to the Northern States and did not meet the requirement in the new Constitution of apportionment by the number of citizens per the census.

What Vic thought you needed to know today, starting here.
2:01pm CDT Thu 2018 Apr 5 :MW
Ace of Spades

…Thursday and up top we continue with immigration/amnesty and the latest manifestation of what is an invasion of our borders.
…links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.…

1:53pm CDT Thu 2018 Apr 5 :MW

Digital Age Violence

The shooter who took her own life after wounding four YouTube employees at the video hosting website’s San Bruno, California, offices on Tuesday has been identified as Nasim Aghdam… long history of animal rights activism… claims to be from Iran…

Can't spell demonetization without demon.
10:17am CDT Wed 2018 Apr 4 :MW

Theory of Justice

…It wasn't about the facts in the case - it was about the fact that the 9th Circuit ruled that the Officer should have known Judicial Precedent was against him, because of a decision that they handed down some months AFTER the shooting. Seriously, that was the 9th Circuit's reasoning.

The Supreme Court, in a surprising 7-2 margin, took this rather insignificant case about a lawsuit just for the chance to once again publicly slap down the 9th Circuit and tell them they are all ignoramuses who wouldn't know a legal precedent if it jumped up on the table and danced and sang a little song saying "I am a Legal Precedent!"

11:04am CDT Wed 2018 Apr 4 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1859 Bryant's Minstrels debuted the song "Dixie" in New York City in the finale of a blackface minstrel show. Somehow it has become known as a 'hate song' now. And if anyone had the audacity to try a blackface minstrel show in NYC now they would be run out of town.

Vic fills in where JJ didn't cover, with his own takes on the news.
10:34am CDT Wed 2018 Apr 4 :MW
Ace of Spades

…First up, the YouTube shooter has been identified as an Iranian woman who was a whackadoo vegan and PETA activist.…
Now on to the big story which is the migrant "caravan" reportedly still heading north through Mexico…

All this and more, gathered together by Sefton the Remarkable, just for you.
9:36am CDT Wed 2018 Apr 4 :MW

Spiritual Matters


I found our today on the news that its "frowned upon" to use a taser to get your kid out of bed for church. I just don't recognize this country any more.

11:20am CDT Tue 2018 Apr 3 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1882 Robert Ford killed Jesse James by shooting him in the back of the head while he was straightening a picture on the wall.

Well, that was creepy.
9:21am CDT Tue 2018 Apr 3 :MW
Ace of Spades

…The big story this Tuesday is that the Mexican government is going to halt the so-called "caravan" of migrants heading for our border, potentially sending them back from whence they came.…

Let your pursuit of information begin with this fountain of knowledge.
8:35am CDT Tue 2018 Apr 3 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1980 with the US government under complete control of the Democrat communist Party, Jimmy Carter signed the Crude Oil Windfall Profits Tax Act to punish the oil companies for making a slim profit. RR repealed it as soon as he was elected.

Vic's report begins here, leads everywhere.
11:12am CDT Mon 2018 Apr 2 :MW
Ace of Spades

…Immigration is in the lead… President Trump has officially dumped any deal regarding DACA, blaming Democrats… Ken Cuccinelli puts gun violence into proper perspective… links from around the world, across the nation and up your street.…

Gitcher Monday motor runnin' with JJ's bevy of headline links and sass.
9:46am CDT Mon 2018 Apr 2 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1970 Nixon signed into law the unconstitutional Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act which required the BS warnings on tobacco products and banned cigarette advertising on television and radio. Eventually they were banned on everything.

…No links at all today.…

Vic's current events class cancelled for Easter.
8:55am CDT Sun 2018 Apr 1 :MW