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Radical Incline

Illustrating the Exit

Countdown posters inspired by JJ Sefton at Ace of Spades, featured on Ace of Spades and on PoliNation. Figured I might'z well put the whole set up here for those who may have missed some. (Whole set will be up by Jan 20, anyway.)

0 Days Left
1 Days Left
2 Days Left
3 Days Left
4 Days Left
5 Days Left
6 Days Left
7 Days Left

The Art of

Politically Incorrect and Culturally Inappropriate

Pop song parodies and original tunes
sure to put coal in my stocking.

There are Santa Clauses


The Terrible Christmas Song

Christmas Wrap

Nutcracker -

The All-Purpose
Greeting Card Song

Closing Credits
Sinter Claus

There are Santa Clauses

Here Comes Santa Claus
by Oakley Haldeman
and Gene Autry

Santa Brawl
The Super Zeros, YouTube

Rudolph created by
Robert Lewis May

The Terrible Christmas Song
originally released Dec 24, 2015 12:11 AM

Christmas Wrap
by Mindful Webworker

Drum Beat Loop
FreeDrumTracks, YouTube

enoe at

Gangsta rap beat (loop)
hardcoreskateclothes, YouTube

Nutcracker - Waltz of the Flowers
Rebeca Paiva

The All-Purpose Greeting Card Song

Various images c/o

Sleigh Bells Ringing
c/o Sound Bible

Recorded 2016 Dec
at, Bartlesville.

Except as noted,
all lyrics & tunes written, performed, &
© by Mindful Webworker

Props, Costuming: M.J. Clark II

Edited with CyberLink PowerDirector

Radical Incline

Electors vote Trump; Hilarity Ensues

Protesters video: TODAY’S TMJ4
h/t Ace of Spades for link

The Art of

or, better late than never - maybe?

A couple of songs,
a couple of skits.
Something to keep the playlist warm until the Christmas show.
Or something.

Start time, title, webpage (if any), album (if any)

At Least I'll Shave
(hirsute humor)

(excuses, excuses)

(The Way to God is)
Always Up

[Best of Spirits]

[Best of Spirits]

Over the Edge
(dramatic bit)

Recorded 2016 Nov-Dec
at Margaret B's B&B, Tulsa,
and, Bartlesville,
and El Rancho Webworker.

All pictures, words, tunes, performance, & production
© by Mindful Webworker
Always Up verse 4 © by Tom Channic

Edited with CyberLink PowerDirector

Suite: Experience: Body; Mind; Spirit
Electric and acoustic versions
refused to be merged,
so, presented sequentially.

00:00 - Electric
12:42 - Acoustic

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Lyrics here

Recorded 2016 Nov 6 at, Bartlesville,
and Nov 13 at Margaret B's B&B, Tulsa.
All lyrics & tunes written, performed, &
© by Mindful Webworker

Edited with CyberLink PowerDirector