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Radical Incline

Welcome to the new political zoo.

New Political Animals

Radical Incline

The idiots self-congratulation congregation

Romney praises Biden

Best of Spirits

Reflections of Christmas Past

My muse may be retired, or on vacation.
In any case, no new Christmas webworks for 2020.
Here's some from the past

Let Your Aim Be... do your Christmas shopping early.

Filler ad for 1912 Nov 21
Ill, 2014 Jul 15

The Terrible Christmas Song
On a radar screen, a blip…

Video (0:40) - 2015 Dec 24
Also included in Webworkshop #16

Mindful Webworkshop Episode #16 - Christmas
A politically incorrect and culturally inappropriate Christmas show - pop song parodies and original tunes sure to put coal in my stocking.
YouTube Video (0:32) - 2016 Dec 19
Mindful Webworkshop

Video (11:02) - 2016 Dec 25

Special Delivery

UB Comix Christmas Card 1987

That's all I've got. Merry Happy, y'all.

Radical Incline

Quick! Roll! Before it's too late!

Jumanji game - finish it quick!

Radical Incline

We're all in this together, separately

Have another helping of virtual family.

Virtual hugs and hygienic hellos