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Milton Friedman

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Chef Milton
Short & Tall Tales

The Fundamentals of Kitchen Economies with Chef Milton

Illustration added on 2023 May 14
Subjects: Milton Friedman, kitchen, parody
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Radical Incline

Suggestions for improving the ten with women, and other ideas for monetary changes.

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Let's Talk Some More About Rachel Dolezal, Media -Ace

heh. yeah. let's. can't get enough of the comedy.

hey! ONT? I'm in under 400? or so? Maybe not by now.

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"Things that you work for to achieve will be cared for and valued far more than a thing that is given to you."

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Let's replace him [Jackson on $20] with Ronald Reagan.
—Obnoxious A-hole

I suggest Milton Friedman.

Obama replaced Nixon on the Three the moment he hit the scene.

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Subjects: Impeach Obama, Milton Friedman, money, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan

But I do have a coupon for a free lunch at a Mexican restaurant.
Posted by: Anna Puma

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Radical Incline

Sometimes it's just a matter of seeing clearly. Will Rogers Today #4.

Illustration, Remix added on 2013 May 22
Subjects: Milton Friedman, foresight, Will Rogers
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Rand Paul reminds me of WF Buckley's and Milt Friedman's kids... except, opposite direction.

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Subjects: Milton Friedman, Rand Paul, WF Buckley

MindfulMrs has been reading Free to Choose. I'll pick it up, read a few pages, get depressed. Milt was just... clear. Almost everybody by comparison is muddy as hell.