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USA flag, wavy
Radical Incline

No fresh hot webworks, but links to leftovers to celebrate the birth of the very notion of a free and self-governing people.

Text, Video by Others added on 2014 Jul 4
Subjects: Independence Day
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Gallery of Smug
Radical Incline

Portraits of Priggishness — they're only following dear leader.

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Burt senses danger
Radical Incline

If it's duck and cover, why did they use a turtle? The wisdom of Civil Defense and the inadequacy of modern desks.

Text, Video by Others added on 2014 May 23
Subjects: survival, civilization, Cold War, threat
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Doodles Weaver hams it up
The Art of

Professor Feitlebaum need are you now that we where you? Doodlebug made people laugh. A small tribute to the comedian and character actor.

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Galaxies expanding in space

Where it came from and where it's taking us. Chris Tyler gives a presentation on Time at the Urantia Book Fellowships Youth & Young Adult conference at 533 Diversey, Chicago, in 2012.

Video by Others added on 2013 Nov 24
Subjects: time-space
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China and US Def Mins handshake
Radical Incline

The legacy of Nixon goes to China: Saber-rattling in South-East Asia.

Text, Video by Others added on 2013 Nov 24
Subjects: China, military, nuclear, threat
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Radical Incline
Video by Others added on 2013 Nov 19
Subjects: Obamacare
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