All Media

Forms which webworks may take
A prose webwork, as opposed to verse.
Static images - a graphic webwork which is drawn, but not a cartoon, or an image derived from a photo.
Aural webworks to excite the eardrum. Might be voice or song in an MP3, might be a MIDI.
Moving Pictures

Active illustrations. Simplest repeating graphics, animations, videos.

Not a genre but a genre modifier, indicating webworks which are original in result, while more or less including, combining, and modifying media by others.
Print Mindful Mini-Comics directly from the web. Satisfaction absolutely not guaranteed; printing is tricky.
Playlists of media found around the web, usually videos by others from YouTube.
a type of Text
Freestyle or rhyming poetic endeavors, lyrics intended to be accompanied by music, or verse as the subject of prose.
Text by Others
a type of Text
Text webworks, composed by other mindful webworkers.
a type of Illustration
Storytelling webworks employing graphic illustrative symbols and expressive text.
Cartoon by others
a type of Illustration
Cartoons created by other webworkers.
a type of Illustration
Graphical webworks which had photographic origins.
Photo by Others
a type of Illustration
Photos created by other webworkers.
a type of Audio
Audio webworks in MP format. Might be music. Might be something else.
a type of Audio
Sequential digital compositions in MIDI format.
a type of Moving Pictures
Graphical webworks which seem to move but are not video (commonly GIFs).
Animagraphic by Others
a type of Moving Pictures
Animagraphics created by other webworkers.
a type of Moving Pictures
Motion pictures generated from drawings or by computer rather than live footage, although the category may include stop-action of live scenes, or a mix of live and animated. It's complicated. Generally longer than an animagraphic, usually including sound.
a type of Moving Pictures
Digital moving picture webworks, with or without sound, but not animagraphics.
Video by Others
a type of Moving Pictures
Video created by other webworkers.