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Manly Posture
Radical Incline

Some body posture revealing who has big brass ones and who doesn't.

Animagraphic added on 2019 Mar 28
Subjects: Donald Trump, leadership
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Voldemort grins
Short & Tall Tales

Secret life of Voldemort - a match made somewhere other than Heaven!

Animagraphic, Remix added on 2018 Nov 17
Subjects: Harry Potter, Miley Cyrus, silliness
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Hillary after
Radical Incline

When the Democrat Party Bus takes too hard a left turn.

Animagraphic, Remix added on 2018 Oct 25
Subjects: politics, Hillary Clinton
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Cat before Full Moon
Best of Spirits

A long cold winter in the forecast. Stock up on faith.

Verse, Animagraphic added on 2014 Sep 11
Subjects: cats, Winter, preparedness
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It's an illusion. They're not really moving.
Animagraphic added on 2014 Jan 27
Subjects: yantra
Welcome to 2014
Just couldn't decide which version to use.
Cartoon, Animagraphic added on 2014 Jan 1
Subjects: tyranny, injustice, New Year 2014
O's Grim Grin
Radical Incline

Let's turn those frowns up-side down, okay, kids? Okay! What have you got to be frowny about, anyway, right? (Large animated GIF)

Animagraphic, Remix added on 2013 Nov 27
Subjects: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, parody
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50yrs ago on AF1
Photographer Cecil Stoughton
said the wink could have been
"innocent, or sinister,
and I have leaned to the latter."
Face of BO
Radical Incline

Just a glimpse of the many. (1.6Mb animated GIF)

Animagraphic, Remix added on 2013 Oct 17
Subjects: Impeach Obama, face
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Boener and Reid
Radical Incline

Make up your own conversation for them!

Animagraphic, Remix added on 2013 Sep 2
Subjects: John Boehner, Harry Reid
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Best of Spirits

Has her eye on something.

Animagraphic added on 2013 Sep 2
Subjects: Ony
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Pizza Yantra (250x)
Makes you hungry. Or dizzy.
Illustration, Animagraphic added on 2013 May 20
Subjects: yantra, pizza
Giant Sinister Face Shocks Beachgoers!
Animagraphic added on 2013 Jan 14
Subjects: eggshell art, face, crowd
Rapid Descent
If you never hit bottom, how bad is it?
Animagraphic added on 2013 Jan 5
Subjects: descent, scary, scream, fear
Demonstrating what just part of a face conveys.
Cartoon, Animagraphic added on 2012 Sep 18
Subjects: face
Edna waves
End of the Road

Hang out with Lum and Edna as they watch the old empty highway.

Animagraphic added on 2011 Oct 28
Subjects: Lum and Edna
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Animated GIF of two monks dancing.
Head Shop

Two monks, joyously dancing. More details in main article…

Animagraphic added on 2010 Aug 2
Subjects: dance, monks, happiness
That guy
Rough Sketches

A sense of protection.

Illustration, Animagraphic added on 2007 Jun 23
Subjects: abstract, portrait