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Radical Incline

Meanwhile, with the President, the view is yuge.

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Voting X'd
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Links and videos from the campaign trail

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Biden with Ice Cream Cone
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An experiment in reviving the heap o'links. Just random links, mostly political,

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Joe as Rocky
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Who's the champ? Meme Wars? Still not tired of winning!

Illustration, Remix added on 2019 Nov 27
Subjects: Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Internet memes
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Manly Posture
Radical Incline

Some body posture revealing who has big brass ones and who doesn't.

Animagraphic added on 2019 Mar 28
Subjects: Donald Trump, leadership
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Trump, applauding
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Twitter don't know me very well, do they, going by their recommendations.

Illustration added on 2018 Aug 27
Subjects: Donald Trump, online communication
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This woman simply thanked the Trumps for helping support St. Jude Hospital

Dagnabbit. YouTube has removed this great video before I grabbed a copy!!

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Subjects: Donald Trump, Progressives Playbook

Really funny!

The swimsuit competition has been considered controversial ever since it caused the otherwise-qualified Robert Bork not to get a seat at the Supreme Court in 1987.

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Subjects: parody, Supreme Court of the United States, Donald Trump
Cuomo in Surreal Horror
Radical Incline

Great Freezeframe which screams volumes about the political great divide.

Photo, Remix added on 2018 Jun 12
Subjects: North Korea, Donald Trump, LaughingStock Media
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In the photo above, what you don't see is Trudeau cropped out on the right, and Trump looks much less isolated.

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Subjects: Donald Trump, LaughingStock Media

Los Feliz - always funny, but just a little ha-ha-grimace funny, because it's too believable.

I had to look up Okja.

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Subjects: Donald Trump, Internet memes

We should all thank this Snoopy Dogg person for doing away with the silly butt-hurtedness, the political incorrectedness indignation, over exaggerated racial portrayals, so that now we can freely d

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Subjects: race, Donald Trump

Pete: a gathering of bottom feeding, miserable smut mongers with no compassion for anyone who doesn't belong to their clique

I ♥ you, Pete. That's pure poetry.

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Subjects: Donald Trump, blogs

An unusually positive and even some chuckleworthy post. Thanks.

O’course, any post that starts off with a big dose of Melania is great.

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Subjects: Donald Trump, Melania Trump

@realDonaldTrump is using every cynical political trick in the book to ignite anti-immigrant fervor.…

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Subjects: Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi

Well, to start with, big deal. The Simpsons predicted President Trump a decade and a half ago! :)

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Subjects: Donald Trump, Simpsons

This cartoon has a real old-timey political flavor - crowded with images, lots of labels on everything, Can modern kids decipher such a complicated illustrated editorial statement? :?

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Subjects: Donald Trump

That cartoon is a great depiction of the crazy investigations.

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Subjects: Donald Trump

As I read elsewhere this morning:

Fascinating Paradox: The more Trump gets investigated, the more crimes are exposed involving Democrats.

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Subjects: Donald Trump

PP: "Trump’s lawyers reportedly don’t want him talking to Mueller – It’s advice he should take"

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Subjects: Donald Trump

Pistol Pete hits the bullseye again - good post, PP.

The #RussiaGate Cash Flow poster was well done. Simple and informative.

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Subjects: Donald Trump

Many LOL's in this collection. Especially liked the "I can count" and red button ones and... okay, all of them.

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Subjects: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

Great post, Pete.

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Subjects: Donald Trump

If you had told me a year ago that Milady and I would be chortling heartily at the news, I wouldn't've been able to imagine it.

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Subjects: Progressives Playbook, Donald Trump

NPR anchor refers to "so-called" March for Life
(0:20 Wash Free Beacon, YouTube)

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Subjects: abortion, Donald Trump

Stormy's note was awfully well done. Thorough, to the point, praising Trump, even getting a plug in for her book. Other actresses could take a cue from this sharp gal.

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Subjects: Donald Trump

Under Obama, states were advised the DOJ would not obstruct states that legalized marijuana, despite the fact that marijuana use is illegal under federal law.

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Subjects: prohibition, Donald Trump

cth: 2017 Anti-Trump FAKE NEWS Wrapup
This is just a partial list.

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Subjects: LaughingStock Media, Donald Trump

Over on Ace of Spades, Vic is the acerbic old commenter and master of the news links reminding me of someone here! Vic's second item in this morning's news was this:

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Subjects: Donald Trump