Predicting Presidents

Well, to start with, big deal. The Simpsons predicted President Trump a decade and a half ago! :)

As to the fellow predicting Pres Trump - my tablet is dying and I have no sound so I can't watch the vid until I get to a real computer... so forgive me if this is covered, but.... but...

Is the video from six years ago? Or recent and he's saying he predicted it six years ago? Because saying, after something happened, that you predicted it... yeah, I do that all the time. (Best Jon Lovitz liar voice: "Yeah, I predicted Trump would win before he even announced. Yeah. That's right.") ;)

Best example of prediction on that race is still Ann Coulter, sitting there dead-panned after saying Trump would win, and all the folks laughing like that was the greatest joke...!

Also, I absolutely detest Daylight Saving Time. #NoDST

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