Enforce or Repeal

Under Obama, states were advised the DOJ would not obstruct states that legalized marijuana, despite the fact that marijuana use is illegal under federal law. Trump’s DOJ has just rescinded all that policy.

Some online commenters complain that Sessions's DoJ has done nothing notable, and now mock him for going after potheads.

The main reason pot got banned Federally was a combination of manipulative press and alcohol-fighters looking for work after repeal. There was never a good reason for it to be illegal, especially Federally. I've seen far more damage done by bad law and black market than by pot use.

Trump seems to be giving it back to Congress and the States whether to continue to have, and resume enforcing, Federal Prohibition. Exactly what needs to happen. The whole thing of lax enforcement is a crisis of the rule of law. Enforce or repeal!

And I'm saying this as a lifelong "libertarian" about Prohibition, and as the creator (decades ago) of Head Shop Comix (mostly safe for work).

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