A Billion Here, A Billion There

Over on Ace of Spades, Vic is the acerbic old commenter and master of the news links reminding me of someone here! Vic's second item in this morning's news was this:

Trump halts yet another Obama crap-fest plan. He agreed (supposedly) to finance half the $13B cost for another railway tunnel between NJ and NYC that would only benefit NJ commuters to NYC. Trump says there was no record of any such agreement and since this was a local project for the benefit of locals the federal government would not finance any of it. I love it.


Been like this practically every day since the inauguration. If I'm not careful, I may even start to have hope again.

Not used to feeling good, this good,
When I'm not even sinning.
That Trump he lied to me, he said,
That I'd get tired of winning!
Not yet!