White House State Dinners

An unusually positive and even some chuckleworthy post. Thanks.

O’course, any post that starts off with a big dose of Melania is great.

I was wondering – that great gold-trimmed layout for the dinner – is that White House wares or something the Trumps keep around for dinner parties of 150 or so? Beautiful stuff.

But did you notice that Macron’s mother wife’s outfit matched the tablecloths?

A commenter elsewhere: “the last time the WH hosted a state dinner for the President of France was in 2014. The entertainment provided by Moochelle? Mary J Blige. Melania’s choice of entertainment? Washington Metropolitan Opera. The difference in taste and culture is apparent.” In this and everything else, I’d add!

Another commenter elsewhere (I have no worthwhile thoughts of my own, but I can cut & paste):

So nice to see the WH return to old-fashioned, candlelit state dinners in the State Dining Room (holds 140) after the Obamas’ tacky, colored-floodlight spectacles in the East Room (holds over 300.)

The cost of state dinners, paid for by the State Dept., ran about $250,000 to 300,000 (in constant 2000 dollars) from the time of Reagan through Bush43.

Then came Barky, whose average expenditure was over a million. That average doesn’t include the $3,000,000 extravaganza he threw for Mexico, where the guests were served in floored and heated tents on the South Lawn, having been conveyed there on a little train.
And let us not discuss the cost of staging a big show by Beyonce, who as we know epitomizes class.

Oh, I see that the Trumps had a program by the National Opera featuring works by French and US composers.

Now I want the Nevertrumper Countryclubbers to STFU.