If you had told me a year ago that Milady and I would be chortling heartily at the news, I wouldn't've been able to imagine it. As soon as we ran into the news that the Dems had folded, we just roared. Two-and-a-half day shutdown, two of which were weekend. I may not exactly be tired of winning, but it is exhausting sometimes, day after day.

Quite a rich and meaty post here, Pete. Thanks.

Never play Chicken with the Trump Train

The wonderful thing is, Trump not only scolds the Dems but is simultaneously redefining the Repubs as to what they should be like. Making the GOP great again. Who would have guessed the last, best hope for the GOP would be a liberal from New York!

Illegal Alien Activists Turn on Democrats After Amnesty-or-Shutdown Fail

Milady says, I wondered how long that would take. Measured in hours, less than a day. Another win.

Nancy Pelosi to Democrats: Shutdown deal does not ‘diminish our leverage’

My first thought reading this was the same as cth's interjection: BWAHAHAHAHA! That's exactly what happened, Nan, and keeps happening. It's too sweet. I'm becoming win-diabetic.

DWS replied: “The one thing, I would say, that [Schumer] did get is the potential for momentum.”

And again CtH echoed my thought, "What on Earth does 'potential for momentum' mean?" It means they're grasping at straws and the straws are mirages.

Keep up the great work, Pete.