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"What a Catch!" - Destination Perfect (Vol. 2)
Ozzy Man Reviews, YouTube, Apr 7, 2022 (3:52)

True Facts: Sea Stars
zefrank1, YouTube, Apr 7, 2022 (18:37)

Juan Sebasti√°n de Elcano
The History Guy, YouTube, Apr 7, 2022 (12:42)

This was much better than I expected.
Spoilers Alert!!
Recommended only for those already familiar with the comic.
Watchmen Explained (original comic)
Alt Shift X, YouTube, 2 years ago (17:11)

I can't imagine never having heard of Abbot and Costello.
I can't imagine hearing Who's On First for the first time.
These kids at least appreciate it.
British Couple first time reaction to Who's on First - Abbott & Costello
The Beesleys, YouTube, 1 month ago (11:19)