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Flaming Car
Transport Future

When you test drive your dream car

Video by Others added on 2022 Sep 26
Subjects: automobile, fire, loss
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*slowly plowing through the comments from the top*

Muldoon #24: Can't believe nobody has said it yet, so I will
"Lawyer, lawyer, pants on fire"

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Subjects: fire

Soona: Starting to cloud up here in OKC....

You sure it's clouds and not smoke?

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Subjects: fire, Oklahoma, weather

Got one two of those banned AT&T IPs, apparently. Try #4:

Long day, late getting home. Good to be here. Good to see all the kittehs are fine.

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Subjects: fire, home, online commerce

Wildfires Threaten Freedom

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Subjects: fire, Oklahoma

♪ Oh, the weather outside is smoky,
From pasture flames in Okie.
And until the rains return,
It'll burn, it'll burn, it'll burn. ♬

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Subjects: fire, Oklahoma

Alberta Oil Peon: Problem is, people put stuff other than grass in grasslands. Like buildings.

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Subjects: fire, Oklahoma

"But those who survived the purges hailed Stalin as a supreme genius..."

Frantically, desperately, loudly, and fearfully.

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Subjects: fire, Oklahoma

FenelonSpoke: Yes; I read your posts about the wildfires last night. How far away are they from you?

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Subjects: fire, marriage, Oklahoma

Whoa! Driving home, we could see that the grass fire - which around Noon was clearly huge in the next county, has spread over the hills and approaching us.

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Subjects: fire, Oklahoma

Wow! I won Powerball. Not the big one, of course, but, let's see, after Fed taxes, after state taxes, after paying off my debts, I should have... enough to buy every Moron-scribed book.

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Subjects: chance, fire

Morning, Glories!

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Subjects: fire, Oklahoma, weather
Flood and conflagration.
Illustration added on 2013 Dec 30
Subjects: abstract, pareidolia, fire, water, conflict
Fundamental energy release.
Illustration added on 2013 Dec 19
Subjects: abstract, pareidolia, fire

"Having a natural tree sitting in your living room is like having a bucket of gasoline."

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Subjects: Christmas, fire, threat, tree

"USFS says fire in Yosemite was caused by a hunter with an illegal fire, not marijuana growers as was originally speculated."

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Subjects: fire, marijuana
Niche Dweller
A long way from the convenience store.
Illustration added on 2013 Apr 26
Subjects: pareidolia, cave, fire, man
Smilin' smoker
Head Shop

A smoldering story of careless passion.

Animation added on 2013 Mar 11
Subjects: smoking, fire, jackass, stoned, humor
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So, what did I miss on the Doom thread comments? By the time I got up it was already squooshed so I came directly here. Doomy post, tho!

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Subjects: angels, cats, fire
Sue's Orange Candle
Unfolding like the lotus blossom.
Illustration added on 2012 Dec 19
Subjects: candle, fire, orange (color)
Howl in the Night
Sounded close, too!
Illustration added on 2012 Dec 2
Subjects: outdoors, night, fire, scary
Blue Candle
Wax flows perfectly.
Illustration added on 2012 Aug 20
Subjects: candle, blue, wax, flame, fire, watercolor
Rough Sketches

It's a desert. At night.

Illustration added on 2007 Jul 14
Subjects: abstract, landscape, desert, night, fire, lightning