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Donna Lee, grilled-cheesus is too obvious for BoB's subtle pareidolia standards. I mean, look at the wadded up garment (#5) - am I seeing what I'm supposed to be seeing there? Gnarly.

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Subjects: pareidolia

Well, you've outdone yourself. Crossing your memes of pareidolia and cute critters. #7 had me scratching my head, then suddenly it jumped out at me.

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Subjects: pareidolia, animals

Tonight's post brought to you by when you see it:

Hahaha. I saw it immediately.

Been hanging out with the horde too long?

Late night howdy, y'all.

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Subjects: aloha, pareidolia

Basic Argyle: I didn't even see the person on the left.

I see a rabbit and a duck.

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Subjects: pareidolia

Chupacabras: Every painting hides a sniper and/or kitteh.

Or both.

Then Waldo took the bullet for the kitteh.

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Subjects: humor, pareidolia

Clearly, with the art posted here, what is seen is in the eye of the beholding commenters.

So, why do y'all keep seeing the same dang thing in every painting?

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Subjects: pareidolia

bob sees faces everywhere. With some of these, you might not notice, but thanks to the context, you can't help but notice.

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Subjects: pareidolia

That wallpaper! Egad! Never before thought to ask the question, what would four crossed eyes look like?

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Subjects: pareidolia

Curiosity got the better of me, and I checked the ONT for FenelonSpoke's exchange.

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Subjects: online communication, pareidolia, perception

If you stare at that Desilu card for a while...

that bighead alien guy's eyes move.


It's a tricky animated GIF.

Just keep staring.

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Subjects: pareidolia, Star Trek
Flood and conflagration.
Illustration added on 2013 Dec 30
Subjects: abstract, pareidolia, fire, water, conflict
Wax melts.
Illustration added on 2013 Dec 28
Subjects: abstract, pareidolia, confidence
Fundamental energy release.
Illustration added on 2013 Dec 19
Subjects: abstract, pareidolia, fire
Queen of Elements
Enjoying her favorite variation.
Illustration added on 2013 Dec 15
Subjects: rainbows, landscape, abstract, pareidolia
Pixels in the Crowd
If you squint just right…
Cartoon added on 2013 Dec 13
Subjects: face, man, profile, pareidolia
The spectacular explosion of life.
Illustration added on 2013 Dec 11
Subjects: abstract, pareidolia, light and shadow
Unusual Weather
Cosmic storm off Big Beak Point
Cartoon added on 2013 Dec 4
Subjects: weather, face, pareidolia, silliness
Wonderland Woodcut
After eating the mushrooms.
Illustration added on 2013 Dec 1
Subjects: abstract, pareidolia, hallucination
Sky Spirit
Here's looking at you, groundling.
Photo, Remix added on 2013 Nov 14
Subjects: sky, animals, pareidolia
On the Range
At first glance, it seemed to me to have a touch of Kurtzman.
Illustration added on 2013 May 18
Subjects: cattleman, pareidolia, horses
Faces From Fog
With a peek at the technique.
Illustration added on 2013 May 17
Subjects: portrait, pareidolia, abstract
Indifferent Breakfast
Looks a little like old "Bill" the claymation guy.
Cartoon added on 2013 May 16
Subjects: breakfast, banana, yogurt, prunes, face, pareidolia
It can consume you.
Illustration added on 2013 May 5
Subjects: dread, face, pareidolia
Four Winds
What do you see?
Illustration added on 2013 May 2
Subjects: abstract, yantra, fours, pareidolia
Decisiveness and wisdom.
Illustration added on 2013 Apr 29
Subjects: pareidolia, leadership, figures, extraterrestrial
I wouldn't worry. He looks toothless....
Illustration added on 2013 Apr 28
Subjects: pareidolia, lion
Attuned to the moment.
Illustration added on 2013 Apr 27
Subjects: pareidolia, extraterrestrial
Niche Dweller
A long way from the convenience store.
Illustration added on 2013 Apr 26
Subjects: pareidolia, cave, fire, man
Fluid Expression
Swirling forth.
Illustration added on 2013 Apr 25
Subjects: pareidolia, Invulnerable, face
Little Green Smoking Guy
He might be related to E.T. Or maybe Yoda.