Jerusalem Report

Reporting on miraculous events one week in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Report

Alpheus Twins
Monday Morning News: Ride into Jerusalem

Report from Jerusalem on the dramatic arrival of the alleged Messiah of Nazareth.

Wednesday Morning News: Riot in the Temple Court

Everyone's asking, how was this Jesus fellow involved in yestereday's disruptions at the Temple?

3 Stalwart Galileans
What Happened Wednesday: A Day with God in the Hills

Sincerity plus persistence can get you there.

Roman Captain
Friday Early Report: Arrested and Tried

Well, looks like that "Jesus Revolution" is allll over, folks!

Saturday Newstime: After the Crucifixion


Sunday Special Report: Reportedly Risen

Astonishing news. Almost unbelievable.

By the fire
We Meet Again

On better days, on peaceful shores, with enough time.

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