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Joe as Jimmy
Radical Incline

Joe stuck his hand out. Who was he shaking hands with?

Video, Remix added on 2022 Apr 15
Subjects: Joe Biden, dementia, hallucination, rabbit
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Some speedy diet pills have the known side-effect of voices. Fellow I knew started a small apocalyptic end times cult, probably thanks to voices from his diet pills. And ego.

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Subjects: brain, hallucination

♬ I'm off to see the doctor
The wonderful doctor of teeth
BeneathBeneathBeneathBeneath Beneeeeath... ♬

nope, nope, nope, this isn't working... sorry.

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Subjects: hallucination, teeth
Avalanche and Sniffle
It's a matter of extreme perspective.
Illustration added on 2014 Jan 13
Subjects: abstract, hallucination
Wonderland Woodcut
After eating the mushrooms.
Illustration added on 2013 Dec 1
Subjects: abstract, pareidolia, hallucination
Do Brake for Hallucinations
Keep your third eye on the road.
Cartoon added on 2013 Mar 4
Subjects: hallucination, transport, surrealism
Don't Brake for Hallucinations
It could be a speed trap.
Cartoon, Photo, Remix added on 2013 Feb 27
Subjects: hallucination, transport

[Pete posted Pink Elephants on Parade from Dumbo]

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Subjects: cartooning, hallucination, psychedelia
Head Shop

How hi?

Head Shop

Word-play with picture-play, three permutations.

A Usual Day
Come to think of it, who am I?
Cartoon added on 1997 Oct 6
Subjects: hallucination, 1970s