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Mindful Webworkshop Episode #5
The Art of

Six more original songs, and a cartoon.

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MrScribbler: I think I actually watched one complete [SNL] show, way back when the original cast was doing it. Every. Damn. Person. on that show was unfunny, and seemed to be on drugs.

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Subjects: SNL, stoned

Sharing accumulated random websurfing flotsam.

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Subjects: Bob Dylan, stoned

artisanal 'ette: And weed, lots of weed.

Hm. GOP candidates debating in Boulder?

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Subjects: GOP, high, marijuana, stoned

Obama stole Hillary's turn to be President and IMO it was her last chance. -Registered Voter
Well....he is a thieving bastard. Literally, bastard. -Mr. Wizard

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Subjects: Hillary Clinton, Impeach Obama, stoned
Smilin' smoker
Head Shop

A smoldering story of careless passion.

Animation added on 2013 Mar 11
Subjects: smoking, fire, jackass, stoned, humor
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Head Shop

How hi?

Head Shop

Dangers of going out to run errands stoned.

Cartoon added on 1997 Dec 9
Subjects: marijuana, smoking, stoned, errands, absurdity, silliness
Turn here!
Head Shop

…if someone is stoned or not.

Cartoon added on 1997 Sep 17
Subjects: marijuana, smoking, stoned, paranoia, silliness