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Mindful Webworkshop Episode #5
The Art of

Six more original songs, and a cartoon.

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Mike Hammer: The most romantic line in the English language?
Girls:"Here, let me sew that button back on for you."

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Subjects: personal history, romance

New thread up and over 200 comments. I hope it's okay, then, for me to post this Valentine's Day oddity.

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Subjects: marriage, romance, Urantia, Valentine

At our daughter's for dinner earlier this month, I sat down near her bookcase and picked up a copy of The Time Traveler's Wife. Been a while since I first read it, and I found myself immedia

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Subjects: Doctor Who, romance, science fiction

"...we still like each other... It's been a good week."

Heartwarming. Which I could use, so, thanks. Best wishes of the spirit of Spring to you. (? Something like that.)

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Subjects: Spring, romance

"...I had to post my house as 'surety' to bail her out of jail." -backhoe

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Subjects: romance, Valentine

And yet, many articles were less interesting than I'd expected. So much same old same old.

The Craigslist bit was entertaining. Romance for Kaboomers.

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Subjects: AoSHQ, news, romance

How did the Mrs & me make it through almost four decades together without that mattress with the slits in it? How did we ever cuddle, or snuggle, or, um, sleep?

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Subjects: romance, sleep
Stolen Kisses
Short & Tall Tales

Ecto gammat, dammit!

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