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Mindful Webworkshop Episode #5
The Art of

Six more original songs, and a cartoon.

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The Art of

Another session of songs of love, mirth, and indulgence. Plus bonus cartoon!

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Kateurday in Motion ONT Compliance Pics

That was a great improvement.

No javascript or plug-ins required.

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Subjects: animation

I am no fan of Tim Burton, but it's hard to argue with success.

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Subjects: animation, Disney

There's no actual young people around who might be traumatized by this video, right? Okay, here's something that stuck to my shoe as I wandered the wwweb.

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Subjects: Christmas, animation

When I poured too much sugar on my corn flakes on Saturday mornings, in the wilds of 50s/60s Oklahoma, we had three networks, one of which didn't come in too well.

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Subjects: animation, childhood memories
Impromptuably Percussed
Short & Tall Tales

When ringing the dinner bell gets out of hand. Just goofing around. Nothing special. Except some effects.

Video added on 2014 Jul 17
Subjects: music video, silliness, humor, animation, fun
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I'm sittin' here

I say, I'm sittin' here on a Saturday Night

I say, I'm sittin' here on a Saturday Night and I tune in to the Oh En Tea at Aye oh Ess Acsh Cue

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Subjects: animation, comics, family

I like Zazu Pitts. Not a great beauty, but a heckuva funny physically comedic actress. And that voice!

Thanks for the background on film editing, MPPPPPP.

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Subjects: 1970s, animation, film, television, webworker

"Filmation was a pretty low-ball outfit, one step below Hanna-Barbera on the limited-animation scale"

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Subjects: animation, Bullwinkle, Star Trek
Jesus cartoon

The scenery is nice.

Text, Video by Others added on 2013 Jul 15
Subjects: Jesus, Urantia Papers, animation
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For all my art and photo work, I use a program so old I think it was designed for Win95!

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