Good Old Paint Shop Pro the Elder

"What software did you use?"

Hah! Nothing you'd want to use, I'm sure. For all my art and photo work, I use a program which was long ago bought up from the originators by one of those companies that swallows competition software. I use an old, unsupported version; I think it was designed for Win95! Like too much other software I use, it's a creaky antique, but it still does about everything I want, I'm used to it, hate the learning curve on new software, and the few bugs rarely bother me. Oh, and importantly, it's paid for, long long ago. Here's the Wikipedia article about it. The v8.1 version is available out there on the net, I suppose. They had an animation utility, also now of course old and unsupported. But I have fun with it, as you see. It can do much smoother animation than that quick rough morph I did.