Animating Jesus

The scenery is nice.

No adaptation of a written work will ever satisfy anybody. The music's wrong. The voices are wrong. They should have told the story in order like the book. The animation needs to be grittier. And so on.

I imagine that someday, maybe soon, Harry Potter fans, and Tolkien fans, using only the cheap and available modern animation software and their creative ingenuity, will completely re-work the terrible film adaptations to more closely portray the original narratives. (Somewhat absurdly, there's a project to re-create Star Wars, in a collage of live action, animation, silly and serious amateur videos. With Hans Solo shooting first, I expect. There's also a video of the Star Trek Original Series-Next Generation movie featuring both captains Kirk and Picard, with the Kirk-Original Series part entirely edited out.)

Theoretically, there will be many productions to come, a wealth of re-tellings of some or even all of the Urantia papers, from the sweeping human sagas woven into the teachings to enthralling educational videos. There might even be some cartoony re-tellings of tales from the papers. And fans will re-do the voices, change the music, re-order the telling, or whatever else they deem appropriate.

Alas, there will also be re-workings that do not favor the original teachings, or which defame or unjustly depict that which we would like to faithfully portray, but, the poor in spirit we still seem to have plentifully among us. Just keep clicking the like-button on the ones that do good.

I got to this video by way of this article:
Jesus 3D Animation Video Gets Over 100k FB Likes in Just 2 Days
Oddly, none of the links in the article actually go to the animation, and all mis-direct.
Finally located via YouTube search.