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Next August, the US will be treated a total solar eclipse.

You'll remind us again about that, next August, right?

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Subjects: solar system

Speaking of SF-ish flix (which Avatar isn't), Milady and I finished watching The Martian tonight. Satisfying enough - well portrayed.

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Remember how the words "European" and "Union" used to appear in juxtaposition?

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The video was kewl, but I'd punch up the sound track.

"It's a great big universe and we're all really puny…"


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"This guy thinks we can terraform Mars for about the same price climatologists put on mitigating global warming."

Which price is ASTRONOMICAL. See 50:1 Project.

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From the Mail article on moon triangle:

In November, paranormal researchers found what they believed to be evidence of a fossilised iguana on the surface of Mars.

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According to the new rules of engagement, Americans must shoot themselves if confronted by angry Afghanis.


I'm not in the top 10s again. How something.

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With a chance of phantasmagoria.