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It costs too much for alcohol
But it costs 'way more for pot,
or LSD, or cocaine,
especially if you're caught.

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Subjects: alcohol, Jesus, lightning, LSD, marijuana, poetry

Anna Puma #11: ...a long soak in a very warm tub of water as the thunderstorms roll in...

Um... standard pix o.i.d.h. request aside...

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Subjects: lightning, personal history

BeckoningChasm: You know what's fun? Driving over eight hours in pouring rain and electrical storms. That's what's fun. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Subjects: lightning, traffic

The lightning was calling from inside the car!

! ! ! ! ! ! ? !

Yes, you can still get the port 1080 version by some routes.

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Subjects: Christmas, lightning

I don't have much time today for rolling in comments, it seems. Darned Real Life.

But I still bring links. It's like the little 'gifts' the cats leave on the doorstep.

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Subjects: bears, death, fear, lightning
Roughing It
What is going on inside?
Illustration added on 2012 Oct 5
Subjects: outdoors, camping, lightning
Rough Sketches

It's a desert. At night.

Illustration added on 2007 Jul 14
Subjects: abstract, landscape, desert, night, fire, lightning