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New one up, I hear? Well, for closers and before I have to head back to RL...

Milady Webworker grew up West Side Chicago Irish Catholic Democrat.

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Subjects: anthropology, Chicago, human right, marriage, Oklahoma, webworker

Blind men had better luck describing the elephant - where the Urantia Papers meet anthropology.

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Subjects: anthropology, Urantia Papers, Adam & Eve
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"...ending in a chamber full of monsters 1312-feet underground, where CO2 and radon gas concentrations provoke hallucinations."

Dang Zork - I never could get past that room!

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chique d'afrique,

As with the displacement of the AmerInds (of which I am always acutely aware, living in Oklahoma), there's a lot of no-win in cultural conflicts.

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Subjects: anthropology, culture, Jesus, Oklahoma

"It is possible, for example, that there are many extinct human populations that scientists have yet to discover."

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Subjects: anthropology, science
Archicebus achilles

Anthropology moves a little toward the revelation.

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Early American Stone Tool

The timeline gets pushed back again... still a pretty big gap.

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Comparison of revelation with discovery and theory.

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Subjects: Urantia, anthropology, evolution
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