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What's the strangest car crash cause you morons know of?

Didn't crash, but... my brother-in-law was driving a semi when he realized he had a bee up his pants.

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Subjects: bees, travel

Disappearing? Yes, yes we are.

So long...

...and thanks for all the hives.

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Subjects: bees

Critter stories!

...attacked by thousands of bees....

Horrible, horrible death.

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Subjects: bees

Sir Maet: "Any of the horde have experience and/or advice on keeping bees?'

Avoid becoming part of the hive mind.

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Subjects: bees, mind

RWC: 3 things learned is 2 more than I got today.

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Subjects: bees, home
Genetic Engineering Breakthrough
The bees, they're kind-of like seeds, y'see.
Photo by Others, Remix added on 2013 Dec 10
Subjects: pomegranate, bees, surrealism
Bee Feasting
The natural world is MJ's palette.
Cartoon added on 2013 Jan 12
Subjects: bees, flower

(kid-within voice)Ace is my hee-roooww.(/kid)

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Subjects: bees, virus
Bee Up the Bellbottoms
He didn't seem to be jumping for joy.
Illustration added on 2012 Aug 28
Subjects: jumping, dogs, bees