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Staying at Mom's last night & tonight. The back bedroom which was mine in high school mumblety decades ago.

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Subjects: squirrel

Chicago Jesus (shredded chi): "the pilealted woodpecker is what got me into birding when I saw my first one years ago."

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Subjects: squirrel, woodpecker

"Whenever I see squirrels running along the telephone lines i hear the Mission: Impossible theme." -Dr. Varno

And now, forevermore, so shall I.

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Subjects: squirrel

Where did all the morons go?
Gone to New Thread every one!
O when will we ever learn?
O when will weeee ever
Look! Squirrel!

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Subjects: AoSHQ, squirrel

Read the post. Watched the video. Read a hundred comments. And I'm hungry all over again.

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Subjects: eggs, squirrel, teeth, video
Bushy Tail
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Subjects: squirrel

The Squirrel ran up, paused, gnawing, as if to say, I'm posed. Draw me.

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Subjects: squirrel, animals