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Mutilate Women for Egypt's "Sexually Weak" Men

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Subjects: Egypt, genital mutilation, Islam

Stringer Davis: Howard Carter told the BBC all about it... I bought an LP of the interview...

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Subjects: Egypt, history

Turkey's presidential spokesman said on Monday the Middle East would be thrown into turmoil if Egypt carried out its death sentences on former president Mohamed Mursi and other senior Islamists.

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Subjects: Egypt, Middle East, threat

Both momjeans O and pantsuit H have actually been charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government!

Of Egypt.

Conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Subjects: conspiracy, Egypt, Hillary Clinton, Impeach Obama

@medeabenjamin 5h
Help. They broke my arm. Egypt police

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Subjects: Egypt, Progressives Playbook, social media

Speaking of difficult tourist attracting, does anyone know if the Egyptian antiquities dude got his job back? Don't recall the name, but he really was proud of the antiquities.

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Subjects: Egypt, history, Islam

"'s also made from the fur of cats that wandered the Nile Valley in ancient Egypt, some of which could be four feet in length!" - PMRich

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Subjects: cats, Egypt

Mark Basseley Youssef/Nakoula Basseley Nakoula says he's writing a tv series about the roots of terrorism (I think, between accent & bad connection, he's hard to understand.) Also he just wants

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Subjects: Benghazi, Egypt, Mark Levin, terrorism
Radical Incline
Video by Others added on 2013 Jul 3
Subjects: Egypt, Independence Day
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Egypt problems? Don't worry. I'm on it.

Did I mention I'm a decorated Viet Nam War veteran?

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Subjects: Egypt, John Kerry, Viet Nam

"...cut off a clitoris (as 90% of Egyptian women have suffered)."

Someone said 10% of Egyptians are Coptic Christians.

I assume there's little overlap in those numbers.

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Subjects: Egypt, Islam, women

Ol' Iknaton (forgive my politically incorrect Egyptian spelling) gets a bad rap because he elevated the Sun God to represent Supreme Deity, but that crazy, starry-eyed dreamer was trying to impose

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Subjects: Egypt, theology, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Nefertiti
Mubarak and Obama effigies burning
Radical Incline

I don't know if this fellow gives Obama too much credit for consciously doing what he's done.

Text added on 2011 Feb 8
Subjects: US President, Barack Obama, Egypt, Islam, Middle East
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