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Back from visiting with daughter. This thread still alive?

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Subjects: robot, welfare

Free school lunches!
Free college education!
Free public radio!
Free pubic transportation!

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Subjects: poetry, welfare

[Did Reason have the black diamonds showing above? Funny how unicode looks okay on the front page but still won't work in acecomments. I'm sure it will all be cleared up soon. #2wks]

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Subjects: welfare

While I appreciate this fellow's intentions, good as they are, I have had some questions about this. And as I think of how to state my questions, I'm reminded of a joke I read (again) recently.

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Subjects: charity, welfare

Sam Walton is one of my heroes. Wal-Mart is a great American success story.

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Subjects: welfare, business

Detroit water bill woman pic: first thing my daughter commented was, her whatchacallit fingernails job, prominent on the hand holding up the bill, would cover a good chunk of a monthly water bill.<

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Subjects: welfare

RoyalOil > My boss doesn't pay for my lunch--why should bosses be allowed to restrict my access to lunch?

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Subjects: human right, welfare

"I'd like to know why it's legal for any convenience store to accept a SNAP card. Every damn thing in them is 2-3 times more expensive than the grocery store down the street." — Bayou City

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Subjects: welfare

Communist collaborator or not, what is the bottom line for Wal-Mart?

spoiled products
eat the overruns
maybe fines

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Subjects: business, community, welfare

Ingraham the Eeyore -- yow, I just tried it again last night and it was too much immediately.

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Subjects: drugs, Laura Ingraham, welfare, winning the lottery

I really like the way Cain stops the whole group, stares right into the camera and says, boldly, "There are no implications." Great lines. Great delivery. Even his 'I'm not angry,' and a little laugh were perfect. I'm glad he's out there!

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Subjects: Herman Cain, racism, welfare, dog whistles