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Did someone say we should arm all the Afghanis before pulling out? Great idea! Let me help!

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Subjects: Afghanistan, Eric Holder, Fast and Furious
FBI seal
Radical Incline

If you know their whereabouts, call the FBI

Illustration, Remix added on 2012 Jul 10
Subjects: Fast and Furious, FBI
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I once asked a local lawyer about a blatant act of police fudging a report, noting this must happen a lot, and he just twitched and pulled at his eyebrow like that psychiatrist in Miracle on 34th S

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Subjects: Eric Holder, Fast and Furious, murder, LaughingStock Media

Calling on President Obama to strengthen and increase enforcement of the nation’s gun laws in the wake of a controversial gun tracking operation seems perverse -- asking the fox to please keep a closer eye on the chickens.

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Subjects: Fast and Furious, border security, Barack Obama, Second Amendment

Captured No. 3 leader of the Los Zetas drug cartel said “all the weapons” the Zetas use were “bought in the United States”

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Subjects: Barack Obama, violence, conspiracy, Mexico, Fast and Furious

The enemies of America, including the Manchurian infiltrators, have declared war upon every aspect of American law and culture.

The LaughingStock Media mostly tippy-toed around this, while the new Vox Populi righteously called for justice.

It's being permitted, even encouraged, passively, and actively. From the top.