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Good morning, you bitter, deplorable clingers.

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Subjects: hope, joy, Oklahoma, weather
Mindful Webworkshop Episode #11
The Art of

New recording, old recordings, whatever I can find to pad this out

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The best times lie ahead, some say.
I guess that could be true.
I don't know what the best would be,
But good enough will do.

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Subjects: aloha, hope, poetry

"Pray like everything depends on God,
Work like everything depends on you."

"God helps those who help themselves."

"Don't expect God to fix all your material problems."

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Subjects: faith, God, hope, prayer, work

On Sunday the birds sing extra sweetly
The coffee tastes richer
The sun shines more brightly

It's true.

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Subjects: birds, coffee, hope, wind

No new post yet? Here, let me try. Relating to divine munificence theology...


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Subjects: hope, Jesus, John Mark, struggle, theology

"The frost on the ground ferns looked like a delicate lace..."

When will you be starting the Walks with FenelonSpoke blog?

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Subjects: children, hope, play, Spring

Morning, Glories.

The murder charge probably will not stick ... she is loonytunes. DSS in SC most likely will take her children.... —Vic

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Subjects: children, hope, mind, mother

Rising? Blood pressure and anger.
Falling? Hope.

We need our Poppins. Please don't wig out.

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Subjects: hope, rage
Light at the End

That moment when you realize.... Another old joke illustrated by the old joker.

Illustration added on 2014 Jan 16
Subjects: transport, hope, dark humor

Every time I am on the verge of despair about this generation I see something like this that restores my hope in them.

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Subjects: hope, naked boobies

Yesterafternoon Mrs & I spent with my mom & her baby brother, my Uncle Ed.

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Subjects: hope, liberty, WW2

"But we should also remember that just as it sets, the sun then hurries around to rise again."

Some years.

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Subjects: hope

Hopelessness? Yawn. Lived there for years. Let me know when you get to Despair. That's when it really gets interesting.

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Subjects: despair, hope

Webworker, I am sorry about your kitty. He may turn up yet. Don't give up hope!

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Subjects: hope, Max (cat)
Miracle on 34th
Best of Spirits

Be on guard against sinister forces at work in the world.

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Fading away
Best of Spirits
A bittersweet lament about life in this world
Verse added on 1997 Mar 17
Subjects: despair, lamentation, fear, hope
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