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Insomniac: Well, I had yet another possible job opportunity slam shut on me today....

* waves hand *

That was not the job you were looking for.

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DynamiteDan: ...Hampton Inn & Homewood Suites ...HQed in the old Enquirer building, one of the earliest examples of Art Deco architecture in this fair city.

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Decades ago (so, take my biomemory with a shaker of salt), I recall reading that Asimov was in front of his typewriter at 9am and worked through (presumably with lunch break) until 5pm.

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Morning, Glories!

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"Pray like everything depends on God,
Work like everything depends on you."

"God helps those who help themselves."

"Don't expect God to fix all your material problems."

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teens from wealthier families are more likely to be employed than teens from poorer families.... to me it simply shows that....

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Good morning.

Yesterday, I had a couple of answering comments just didn't post. Wasn't trying to ignore anybody.

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Just a place to crank out some doodles.
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Radd Dadd Rakes
Well… he can't always be speaking!
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Head Shop #5

Preparing for a long session in the office.

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