Ten Germans try to say the word "squirrel"

Read the post. Watched the video. Read a hundred comments. And I'm hungry all over again.

So, I was watching
How to Peel an Egg Russian Way!
by the CrazyRussianHacker
It's a year old; maybe you've seen it. I hadn't.

and... somehow I found myself wandering...

Ten Germans try to say the word "squirrel"
Wasn't great but I watched it all the way through.


10 things Americans don't know about Swedish girls
I didn't make it through #2.
Unexpectedly boring.

And then

The only thing you need to know about this one
5 American Habits Brits Don't Understand
is #5, the Brits don't floss. Yeah.

Ew. Gonna go brush & floss & hit the pillow.