Huge Cloud of Very Unhappy Bees

Critter stories!

...attacked by thousands of bees....

Horrible, horrible death.

One day years ago on the rider mower in some high grass, I hit a ground nest, and was instantly in the middle of a huge cloud of very unhappy bees. Fortunately, they were what I call "would-bees," big guys that don't sting, but that many could almost scare me to death with the buzzing. Anyway, soon as I saw I was (relatively) safe, I just turned off the tractor, sat a while, then slowly climbed down, and walked away. If they'd been stinging, I'd've been in bad shape.


There was a day a single panicked bee inside the house stung my wife, my son, and a cat, and as I'm walking up from outside, my wife steps out and says, "watch out for the..." and I see a dot coming straight for me like a 3-D cartoon, and *wham* the little creep stings me in the forehead. Lucky by that time he was apparently pretty much out of venom. Some bees don't lose their stingers, apparently.

Aren't you glad you asked? Oh, you didn't?

Bee safe, folks.