As with the displacement of the AmerInds

chique d'afrique,

As with the displacement of the AmerInds (of which I am always acutely aware, living in Oklahoma), there's a lot of no-win in cultural conflicts.

Only in relatively modern times, and, I deem, much due to the universalizing spirit of Jesus' teaching, have we learned to give a crap about the guy in the other tribe. Enemies, historically, have been to eliminate or enslave ("and hear the lamentations of their women") rather than to be loved and done good to.

My sympathies are always with the enslaved and oppressed, but humans have a wicked streak, and more often than not, the liberated delight in becoming the new oppressors, more "now it's our turn" than "never again." Humans and other chimps be face biters.

Reminds me of Nora Dunn's standup skit about the little girl watching a Nature show. First, you're rooting for the little gazelle. Then, oh noes, the mean ol' tiger got him. But then, the tiger is feeding her cubs, d'aww... Our sympathies get whipped around.

I mean, who are you really rooting for? Not some mass identified by skin or belief or other arbitrary measure, but individuals by their character, as some ol' dead (American) black guy dreamed.

Glad you chimed in.