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I just liked this headline on IOTWReport

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Subjects: terror

cth: "After 9/11, Dearest was yelling about how the cockpit doors should be impossible to breach."

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Subjects: transport, terror

Britain… now they have socialism…

and "'thousands' of potential terror suspects" in London

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Subjects: European politics, terror

JohnTant: " much of this police militarization traces back to the 'war on terror?'"

War on drugs

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Subjects: police, prohibition, terror, war

Rerun/combine my 2 comments from Gabethread.
Moron alerted to terrorist event? fr last night's ONT.

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Subjects: Halloween, scary, terror, terrorism, webworker, women

Also, at first glance, I mistook reported "terrorist attack" within moments of the shooting to be an announcement of some new attack I hadn't heard about yet. Erk.

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Subjects: fail, terror

"I saw terror in all their faces – the fear that the game they had been playing for years was finally over." There was a great buzz of excitement in the lobby as the theater emptied out, but she wa

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Subjects: terror
Oh noes!
Head Shop #3

Dealing with the overwhelming!

Cartoon added on 1997 Jun 11
Subjects: surrealism, absurdity, anxiety, frustration, terror, survival