And what a way to be taken out!

Head Shop #3
The cover of Head Shop #3 said "EAT THIS COMIC!" and "Printed on real hemp paper," which it was instead of dead trees.
On the back cover, in fine print, it read,
Yes, it was really printed on hemp paper.
No, don't eat it. It won't do anything for you, and the photocopy powder is probably poisonous.
But smoking it would probably be healthier than most tobacco cigarettes.
I can't believe you're reading this fine print.
Are you high? Or just one of those people who reads the fine print in everything?
I used to do that. After the eyesight began to fail, I had to give it up.
Still get the munchies, though. Here, have a chocolate chip cookie.
Good, huh? Want another one?

Of course, in this online incarnation, there's no paper needed at all unless, of course, you print it. But now we need, I don't know, to burn hemp for the electricity we use or build our circuit boards on plasticized hempboard, or something.