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Happysad feelings. Moving is always a melancholy chaos.

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navybrat: Then came the Louisiana Purchase. The greatest political coup possibly in history of all mankind.

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When we visited relatives in Alaska, decades ago, we took a trip up to Denali Park. The mountain pretty much went by both its official designation and the AmerIndian name, interchangeably.

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From Milady's reads this week:

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"that heaven has colors never seen before"

I had that experience once in Alaska, too.

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I'm not sure your reference to GlobWarmers makes sense in this context. If we had the conditions the world was in then, it would be catastrophic for current coastal civilization the world over. That isn't going to happen suddenly, of course; that's just how the glaciers melt, the oceans rise (despite Obama), and currents change, between ice ages. I can't really relate this to the AnthroGenClimeChange theory because... well, simply because there's nothing to the AnthroGen part.

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