Warm Alaskan Days

I'm not sure your reference to GlobWarmers makes sense in this context. If we had the conditions the world was in then, it would be catastrophic for current coastal civilization the world over. That isn't going to happen suddenly, of course; that's just how the glaciers melt, the oceans rise (despite Obama), and currents change, between ice ages. I can't really relate this to the AnthroGenClimeChange theory because... well, simply because there's nothing to the AnthroGen part.

$#!+ happens. Also, climate changes. The big changes are caused by the cosmic rays from the sun and the stars, which lift the clouds and that causes cooling. Or the inverse. The sun's effect varies irregularly depending on how it's feeling this year or decade. The stars we pass by every 25,000 years or so really whip up the clouds so we get ice ages. We're slowly on the orbit back to that after a nice long interregnum from the ice.

"The science is settled." That's a nice, reliable, predictable cycle, although the actual temperature age-to-age could be temporarily affected by your random supervolcano, significant asteroid impact, or large-scale nuclear war. Little variables like that throw your nice regular patterns right off.

All this is just off the top o' me ol' faulty noggin'. Tell me I'm wrong on any of the details and I'll believe you. But I think I got the basics.

Alaskan temperatures would depend on multiple variables, like whether you're in an ice age or not, but especially important is ocean flow. These days, Europe is warmed by the Atlantic currents flowing up from the South. If that shifts just a bit, they get a lot colder, real fast. When the ice wasn't there, the warm Pacific currents breached right on through up to the Arctic Circle. So, considerably farther North has always meant colder, but only relative to the general oceanic ambiance.

But yeah, that was one impressive bit of research! Thanks for passing it along.

[Oh my. Where did all those words come from. Good grief.]