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That's really funny. However, reminds me more of those dinosaurs in Jurassic Park that had the scary flaps around the head. (Would that I knew my dinos well enough to identify by name.)

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Re Vic's dinosaur-climate link science reporting remains as good as ever:

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Subjects: climate, dinosaurs, science

I knew you all would want to know about the follow-up on this local story that has gained national press attention. The question always was, harmless prank or big jerks?

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My final item, and last bit of news from the heart of Flyover Country.

Attention! All units! Be on the lookout for a nine-foot T Rex!

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Smaller than
a Terran House,

[crumple crumple restart]

O, Pterodaustro,
Thy byll Monsteroso...

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"The brontosaurus doesn't exist, and never has." —buzzion

Not yet...! —mad scientists at play

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Arf Mit Is Aid
Are your translator microbes working?
Illustration added on 2012 Aug 6
Subjects: royalty, language, dinosaurs, monsters

I'm not sure your reference to GlobWarmers makes sense in this context. If we had the conditions the world was in then, it would be catastrophic for current coastal civilization the world over. That isn't going to happen suddenly, of course; that's just how the glaciers melt, the oceans rise (despite Obama), and currents change, between ice ages. I can't really relate this to the AnthroGenClimeChange theory because... well, simply because there's nothing to the AnthroGen part.

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Odd Creatures and Features
Giant creature rampaging in Asia.
Cartoon added on 1997 Dec 12
Subjects: monsters, dinosaurs
Giant creature rampaging in Asia.
Cartoon added on 1997 Sep 20
Subjects: monsters, dinosaurs
Inspired by Mike and Chris
They were drawing dinosaurs and monsters.
Illustration added on 1997 Feb 6
Subjects: monsters, dinosaurs