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Dem Wind
Radical Incline

Progressive energy policy under the leadership of the smarter than us elite.

Illustration, Remix added on 2018 Dec 7
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I read, but can't now find, that a previous Airbus crew almost passed out during flight from "bad air," a malfunctioning fresh air system.

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Brian Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, spoke to the terrorism question.

"A320 pilots association is saying crash was most likely caused by, quote, 'pilot incapacitation'!

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"...any one who serves especially in a combat zone dealing with heavy dangerous equipment or people whether they are actually Military or Civilian helpers put their lives at risk and I tip my hat t

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Transport Future

Automobile crash test, trains versus everything, airplane crash compilation.
Warning: some near escapes, but some horrific apparent injuries and fatalities.

Video by Others added on 2012 Jul 7
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Transport Future

Getting from here to there by traveling through the air

Playlist added on 2012 Apr 18
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First report I managed to get about the crash, they talked about the dumping of the fuel, the evidence that they had ejected low & late, their injuries and I knew what those guys probably did.

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Virtual lounge
Transport Future

Like flying in a virtual country club.

TSA gropes boy
Radical Incline

Safe Holiday Flying, America! Is a veritable cult of crotch-gropers and child-molesters is operating by federal mandate in America's airports?

Text added on 2010 Nov 23
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Laura Summers, Tulsa World • Mon 2010 Oct 4, 10:07pm

BARTLESVILLE — Valter Dellanebbia wants to make the skies friendly and affordable for younger aviation enthusiasts... “We are trying to bring young people back to aviation,” Dellanebbia said as he showed off a Jabiru J-230 LSA model... This is made in Tennessee and the engine is from Australia. We wanted to make aviation affordable. You can buy one of these aircraft for one-tenth the price of others." .. For those looking to buy aircraft, the Jabiru model in Bartlesville carries a price tag of about $100,000. .. If the price is too steep, don’t worry. Dellanebbia has models available from $50,000 on up....

CNN • Mon 2010 Aug 30, 6:09pm

Tense times continue.

On Sunday night, on a flight from Dulles in the Washington, D.C., area to Tampa, Florida, a passenger's comment to a crew member resulted in nine passengers being removed from the plane. No word on what the comment was.