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Radical Incline

Apocalyptic Equines of 2018, Democrat special edition.

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What Trump sent / What Hillary sent

Heh. At Stilton's place, great list of the aid sent.

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You want... pretty puppies...

You'll settle for... a skunk...

You get... three beached whales...


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Subjects: disastrophe

The collapse of a crane at the Grand Mosque in Mecca was not a disaster but "a blessing in disguise" for the 107 people killed, according to a British Muslim leader.

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Morning, Glories!

Checking in on a Sunday morning. Things moving slowly?

Aren't you glad we have Top Men in the Environmental Pollution Agency?

Where's the coffee?

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Subjects: disastrophe, proper province of government

Michael “Gasbag” Moore going down in flames.

Hindenberg oing down

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That big ass fucking iceberg hitting the Titanic exposed a construction glitch in the ship.
Posted by: @JohnTant

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Subjects: disastrophe

Thinkin' we'd start y'all off with a little actual nature-o'genic global climate weirdness. You've been getting some of it lately. Like it? Now with extra-wide tornadoes!

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Transport Future

Automobile crash test, trains versus everything, airplane crash compilation.
Warning: some near escapes, but some horrific apparent injuries and fatalities.

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Subjects: accident, airplane, automobile, disastrophe, rail
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I'm trying to figure how to build the fence for an ostrich farm.

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Subjects: survival, ostrich, disastrophe
Disaster Preparedness Handbook

Is it unreasonable to be disaster-ready in a world which has regularly seen disaster?

Text added on 1997 Oct 26
Subjects: preparedness, survival, faith, spirituality, disastrophe
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